Continually Kitten 02-25-09

It’s been a big two weeks since I’ve last talked about Kitten, so she’s done a lot!

  • While we were on vacation, Kitten learned to call Rob’s dad by his first name.  It was pretty funny, although I’m not sure if he liked it.  He laughed about it, but you never really know. 
  • Kitten likes to try to sing along to the In The Night Garden theme, which is rather hilarious.  She doesn’t really know the tune or anything, she just hums along.
  • We could sum up Kitten’s vacation with two words, it would be scraped knees.  Poor kid!  She had lots of fun, though.
  • Kitten really enjoyed the beach and the ocean on our vacation.  By the time we were ready to leave, she would run straight into the water (we only played behind the wave break, so that wasn’t a worry)… but the day she was doing that there was a jelly fish warning, so my heart stopped every time she would dash for the water.  No one in our party got stung, but others did.  Not something that I would want to experience!
  • We’re now treated to long stories, in which we only recognize a handful of words.  It’s kind of fun, because I get to make up my own story in my head about what she’s actually saying.
  • Kitten was a very good kid during our flights.  She fell asleep during every take off, and nearly every single landing.  The most she slept, though, was for just over two hours during our red-eye flight home (do.not.recommend).  Mostly, she was pretty happy to colour, draw on her magna doodle or watch Yo Gabba Gabba on Rob’s netbook.  There were times, though, that she wanted to get down in a BAD WAY.  Who can blame a kid for not wanting to sit still for 6 hours?  We were just lucky that she didn’t cry for the whole time. 
  • My neighbour had her baby, and Kitten was so excited to see her.  She would look at her and exclaim “BABY!”, and then she kept asking if the baby was sleeping (because she had her eyes open).  It was so cute.
  • We’re considering moving Kitten into a twin bed soon, but haven’t actually gone and purchased the mattress yet.  We’re lazy like that.  Plus, I worry that we will miss having her in the crib!  However, Kitten gets herself tangled up in the bars, and can’t move around comfortably any more.  We’re going to go with the twin bed instead of buying a toddler bed, because we’re going to need a twin for Kitten sooner or later.  It makes more sense just to go straight to the twin. 
  • Kitten has really expanded her vocabulary, but I can’t seem to think of too many new words.  She likes to still talk about the animals that she knows, but now she talks about sleeping, stories, rocking, and toys.  Also, she’s now a little parrot and will try out any new word she hears.  This is super fun, although I am not thrilled about her learning some of the words that people say without thinking. 

Our New Pet

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