Snack Crackers

Hanna is making all her own processed foods these days, and a few days ago, she posted a recipe for crackers.  I decided to give the recipe a try, so I busted out to the grocery store and picked up the ingredients that I needed. 

I found everything except for whole wheat pastry flour.  I picked up all purpose whole wheat flour instead, it was the closest that I could find (also: some vital wheat gluten, because I want to try Hanna’s whole wheat bread some time soon – will let you know how it goes). 

I lack a food processor (the recipe wants you to make it in one).  I tried my blender, and it didn’t work (not even my fancy blender that makes smoothies really easily).  I think that my mixer would have done it, had I doubled or tripled the recipe… which would be pretty easy to do.  So I had some technical difficulties.  I also used Creamo (10% M.F. vs. coffee cream at 18% or heavy cream at 35%), so I’m not sure if that made a difference in the end product. 

I found that my mixture didn’t create a ball, and the pastry was really super flakey.  I rolled it straight out onto my cookie sheet, as I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to roll it out on the counter and transfer it without it breaking into a million little pieces.  I think this worked really well, actually, and this amount almost covers my cookie sheet.  My sheet has sides, so it was really easy to make sure that it stayed within the borders and I was able to keep a pretty rectangular shape. 

I put them in my gas oven for 10 minutes as requested, but they seemed to need a bit longer.  I turned the oven off and let them sit for another four minutes.  I turned the oven off because the edges were fairly dark brown, but the middle seemed still very light.  I didn’t want to burn the edges but wanted to give the middle a few more minutes.  I thought that if it used the existing heat, it would be harder for the edges to burn. 

They are nearly cool now, and they are pretty tasty.  They’re not really hard like Stone Wheat Thins, but not as soft as saltines.  The flavour is pretty good, but I feel like they are a bit more dry than I like.  I’m not sure if this is measuring/ingredients error, or because I left them in the oven too long or what.  I am curious to see what they would taste like/turn out like if I was to brush the crackers with olive oil before placing them in the oven.  I feel like the flavour could be improved, and I think that the oil might help brown up/crisp up the tops of the crackers as well, and help them with the moisture.  I could also increase the amount of butter in them, to see if that helps with the dry-ness.

When I make this recipe again (may as well, I have the ingredients!), I think I’ll double or triple it, and brush it with olive oil (unless someone has a good reason not to).  Thanks to Hanna for the inspiration!