About Me

Kitten & I

About Me:

I’m Kait.  I’m 28 (in 2009, anyway), married to Rob, and I stay at home with our lovely daughter Kitten (not her real name).  My interests including knitting (a lot), reading (not so much), occasionally cooking, and being online with my friends (it’s better than only having friends in your head).  I don’t tend to stick to one interest very long, so you’ll really see my hopping around from thing to thing.

About This Site:

It’s a personal recollection, if you will, of our days here.  My blog originally started back on http://www.tabulas.com/~Kait, but then I moved it to struggleandemerge.com, which is not really functioning any longer.  As I find my interest in blogging somewhat lackadaisical, I decided to forgo the costs of owning my own domain and running to blog that way, and moved it here. 

On my blog you’ll find a variety of topics, and types of posts.  Be prepared for pictures of the kidlet(s) and knitting, as well as talk about food, pregnancy and whatever the heck else comes up a long the way.  Don’t be frightened if there aren’t new posts for a week or more – I’m likely not dead or sick, I just don’t have anything to say or I am too tired/distracted to say it. 

Contact Me:

You can always contact me via email at struggleandemerge[at]gmail[dot]com.  You can probably also follow me on some of my other social networks, as listed in my side bar.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Came across your post titled Struggle and Emerge. That is one of my favorite Latin phrases, Luctor et Emergo. Words to live be indeed. I see you have posted in awhile. You should start up again, never know who might be reading. -Chris

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