Whole 30–The Aftermath

Hey, Hi, Hello.  I’ve been done my Whole 30 (or W30, as I’ve become prone to typing) for a little while now, but have forgotten to blog about it.  Errr… sorry about that.  So!  Here I am.  Blogging.  About it.

First and foremost:  There are bathing suit pictures (of me) at the end of this post.  Just so you know.  So if you want to avert your virgin eyes, or are offended by stomachs, you might want to turn away before we get there. 

Ok, so on to the actual thoughts and stuff, about the W30.  I think I shall do this bullet point style, for funsies. 

  • The first week sucked.  Hard.  I had a really hard time cutting out the sugar (mostly) after spending a week + in Disney, eating mostly sugar.  But after that craving went away, it was pretty smooth sailing.
  • My meals mostly looked like this:
    • Breakfast: 2 eggs & 2 pieces of bacon, sometimes with some veggies, sometimes with some fruit, and sometimes, by themselves.  I didn’t eat bacon every day, sometimes I had scrambled eggs, and sometimes I completely skipped breakfast all together (this is ok on the W30, if you’re not hungry in the AM)
    • Lunch:  Big assed salad.  Usually a “refrigerator salad” – so anything in the fridge went on.  I usually put in avocado for fat and a hard boiled egg or tuna for protein.  Then I would also put in whatever lettuce I had, and cut up a bunch of veggies, and drizzled the whole thing with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  You’d think that you’d get tired of the same dressing every day, but I really found that I didn’t.  The flavours in the salad changed enough that it didn’t taste like the same salad every day.
    • Dinner:  Usually a meat with 3 veggies, or 2 veggies and some sweet potato.  There aren’t a lot of sauces that are W30 approved, but we did enjoy the basic flavours of what we were eating.  There were nights when I would make everyone else some pasta, and I would have veggies instead, and that was ok.  I didn’t want to do that often, but every other week or so, it was ok. 
    • Snacks: I would snack when I was feeling hungry, but tried to avoid mindless snacking, or boredom snacking.  My choices were fruit (mostly berries, but not terribly often), nuts (pistachios, almonds, pecans), veggies with guacamole.  Most of the time, I picked pistachios because they are super duper awesome, and the cracking them open helped me to not just shove handfuls in my mouth.
    • Beverages:  I drank water.  I also switched out my cream in my coffee for coconut milk, which turned out quite nicely.  I suppose there is some level of coconut milk in this context not being W30 compliant, as it is a direct substitute for either a dairy or artificial creamer.  I was willing to overlook that.  I also enjoyed club soda with a bit of lime juice (NOT lime cordial, people) on occasion.  I tried to keep it down to only a couple times a week.  Either when I was really craving pop (it’s mostly the “bite” of the carbonation that I want), or when others around me where drinking pop/beer. 
  • I think I would do this again, later, with some caveats. 
  • Right now, I’m keeping about 90% Paleo, with the exception of cheese.  I don’t believe that life is worth living without cheese.  But I know now that my gut can tolerate small amounts of cheese (although it really hates sour cream).  I have not gone back to drinking milk, which I don’t really miss.  I have found ways to eat out instead of having to stay home.  I have added white basmati rice back to our diet (rice is pretty much a hypoallergenic food, so it doesn’t usually irritate the gut.  However, it’s a very nutrient sparse food, so it’s not usually consumed by people who follow a paleo/primal style diet).
  • I found the biggest change that didn’t have to do with weight/size in my allergies and my eyes.  I didn’t take any allergy medication for most of June.  I took it very sparingly in July (when I wasn’t as strict).  I also found that the bags under my eyes almost completely cleared up.  I still have some dark circles because I’m not sleeping perfectly, but I have 2 small kids.  Thing is, if I have ANY amount of grain (especially wheat), the black eyes come back with a vengeance.  So I don’t get much stomach upset from cheating on my diet, I just get ugly.  Ha ha.
  • I will say that I have more energy.  More stamina, really.  I don’t have any more motivation than I did before – inertia is still my greatest enemy and my best friend.  But after a day of cleaning the house, I’m not as tired as before.  Although I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that I still have some cortisol/adrenal wonkiness. 
  • I have lost, give or take, about 15 lbs.  Without doing any form of exercise.  I’m trying to get a bit more active now, so I can continue with the fat loss… so we’ll see how that goes.  Since I took the pictures, I’ve lost a few more pounds, but not very much. 
  • I would guess that I have dropped 2-3 dress sizes, although the biggest change, by far, is around my tummy.  If I haven’t had any “treats” (especially grains), my stomach is pretty fat.  Not perfect, but not very round.  I’ve lost weight other places, but this is the biggest difference. 
  • I really wish that I would have taken measurements, to really have a quantitative value for how many inches I’ve lost. 

Ok, there is one thing I need to address about this, before we get on to the before & after pictures:  Breastfeeding.  Thing is – I almost completely lost my milk supply.  I know that Birdie is getting pretty big, and that she doesn’t *need* to be nursing at this point, but I had really wanted to nurse her until she was somewhere between 18-24 months (as per the WHO recommendations).  She only nurses 2x a day, and it’s working for us, so we continue to do it.  Except that it stopped working, and she stopped sleeping very well at night.  So I tried to eat more fruit.  I tried to eat more fat.  I tried to eat more carbs… but it didn’t seem to help.  So on day 25, even after reaching out to Every Day Paleo for help as a last resort, I made a batch of No Bake Oatmeal cookies.  I made them as paleo as I could get them.  Used coconut milk instead of dairy.  I used coconut oil instead of margarine.  I even used honey instead of sugar.  But the oats… they were the magic ingredient.  So I had to keep them.  I didn’t do this on a whim – I know that for me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, these cookies and a lot of water will boost my supply.  And it sure did.  Once my milk supply was back up (and Birdie was back to sleeping at night), I have been able to maintain a better supply by eating more carbs.  I have found that by being more attentive to how MUCH I’m eating, and making sure I’m getting enough (it’s easy for me to skip meals and not notice), and making sure that I am getting on the higher end of carbs (150g + per day), I can maintain a supply.  I still get some dips if I’m not eating well enough, but it’s been easy to boost my supply again.  I guess all said and done, I would NOT do this again while I’m nursing.  I would NOT recommend it for other nursing moms.  If you want to eat a paleo diet, I think that is a GREAT idea, nursing or not, but I would not recommend the Whole 30 for nursing or pregnant moms.

This post has some pretty good resources in it, if you’re interested in reading further.




So there you go.  Was it worth it?  Well, the fact that I can wear jeans that I wore 10 year ago pretty much makes this a HUGE yes for me!



I’m still following the Whole 30, as I mentioned in my last post.  I’m on day 19.  It has got progressively easier to say “no thank you” to things, although the muscle memory of doing something like sticking my fingers in my mouth when they have something (oatmeal, mac and cheese, etc.).  Fortunately, I haven’t slipped up that way yet!  The only time that I’ve “cheated”, is when I had some meatballs at Ikea.  I found out after that they had bread crumbs, sugar, and milk ingredients in them.  Bummer.  But life when on.

So far, since switching to Paleo but not since starting the Whole 30, I’ve lost about 10 lbs (15, if you count the 5 I gained in Disneyland then lost again).  This puts me nearly at my wedding weight, which is pretty exciting.  I can see a difference in how my pants fit, and a few pairs don’t fit me at all any more.  Which is pretty awesome, actually. 

Last week I didn’t lose any weight, which either means that I’ve reached that point in which I actually have to work to lean out some more, or I just need to adjust my diet a bit – a little less fruit, a little more fat.  I’m interested to see what the next week brings.  I might add in a few more days of intermittent fasting (skipping a meal now and then).  But we’ll see. 

I don’t have any progress pictures for you yet.  I’m waiting until the end of the month.  I’ll have to put on some of my old pants and show you how much room I have in them, as well.

I am looking forward to being done the Whole 30.  I miss cheese.  I miss being able to grab a Lara bar when I need one.  I am excited about trying some of the paleo dessert recipes that are out there (these things are all not supposed to be eaten when on the W30).  I said that the first thing I was going to do on July 2, is make that paleo coconut cream pie, and I’m still planning on doing that!  Ha ha. 

I don’t think I’ll go back to have regular cream in my coffee, not at home any way.  I don’t think I’ll go back to drinking milk, or eating lentils for the most part.  I’m definitely sticking with the paleo style eating regarding grains and sugar, that’s for sure.  You really can’t argue with the weight loss or with the lack of belly bloat. 

If dialing in my nutrition doesn’t really help, I do plan on getting a little more exercise.  I guess we’ll see what form that takes.  I’ve been interested in Crossfit, but I don’t think I really want to put the money out for a gym membership.  So we’ll see what form it takes. 

Anyway, that’s all.  Just wanted to let you know that I wasn’t passed out from hunger, or that I hadn’t given up.  NOT ONE CHEAT!  I am so proud.  LOL.

General Update

We’re back from Disneyland, and hopefully that means I’m back to the blog a bit more regularly.  I don’t have very many Disney pictures posted yet – I have to get my best ones together and put them up on flickr, then I’ll put them up here.  I haven’t had a ton of computer time, but slowly, one at a time, they’ll be put up, I’m sure Smile

We had a great time, though.  It was pretty interesting, at times, traveling with my in-laws, but overall, I’m so glad that we did.  They were able to watch the kids on occasion so we could do things like go on the big kid rides Winking smile  The kids really enjoyed the trip.  Birdie really doesn’t travel well.  She’s only good on the plane for about an hour and then she wants Down!  Off!  And pretty much for everyone to stop touching her.  I don’t blame her, but it makes the last 2 hours of a flight pretty sucky.  Kitten loved everything.  The princesses.  The rides.  The beach.  Sea World.  I’m really glad that we did this at this age – she had a wonderful time.  She wasn’t the most well behaved kid, but I think she did well considering. 

Rob and I had a nice time.  I tried some of the rollercoasters that I was too afraid to last time (Matterhorn, Big Thunder Mountain), and decided that some of the rides I loved last time were completely lame (Indiana Jones, Pirates).  We also got a chance to eat at the Blue Bayou, the restaurant inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  My favorite part of the whole trip was eating at the Jazz Kitchen Express.  ZOMG.  I would have THE hardest time keeping Primal/Paleo if we had one here!  I didn’t get to try everything on their menu, although I would have really liked to.  I love the bread pudding and bignets the most, though.  We also got to try out Sonic’s Drive-In, Carls Jr and In-and-Out (sooooo good!  I wish we had IiO here!!).

I also had a bit of a snafu with my back.  I’m not sure what happened, although it was likely a combo of rollercoasters, sleeping funny and not bending over properly, but I completely threw it out and had to visit a chiropractor.  If you ever need a chiropractor in Anaheim, near Disneyland, I really recommend Dr. Eskew.  He was very professional, and I felt miles better after my adjustment.  He also recommended an ib profen regimen for the next few days, and gave me a bunch of stretches to do if I felt like that area was seizing up again.  Such a good experience! 

Currently, we’re working at getting the kids back to their usual routine for bedtime/naps/morning wake up time.  Birdie has been the most out of sorts, but Kitten has been a bit of a trial as well.  Hopefully everything will be straightened out by the end of the week. 

Rob is back at work today.  He had a nice, long vacation.  It was really great to have him home for the extra days between returning home and going back to work.  Kitten is pretty lonely for him today and bummed he’s not home. 

The day after we got home, I started the Whole 30.  Previous to our trip I was eating along the Primal Blueprint guidelines, and had lost about 7 lbs in 3 weeks.  It wasn’t easy to give up the sugar, grains and legumes, but not terribly hard.  This time (especially after eating very little but over-processed carbs for almost 2 weeks), giving up the sugar/grain/legumes PLUS dairy and natural sweeteners (honey, pure maple syrup, etc.) has been excruciating.  I feel like such a wuss.  Part of the point of the Whole 30 is to stop your current food habits and start new ones.  I know that I use food to improve my mood, and that’s really not the POINT of food, you know?  So I really want to change that.  I also want to see if my allergies and a few other health issues clear up a bit being casein/gluten/sugar free.  I’ve heard reports that it can.  So we’ll see. 

Today I’m on day 5 and I’m exhausted.  I know that this is normal when giving up sugars and grains.  Yesterday I was full of The Crank, because I just wanted some sugar.  Ha ha.  Days 4-6 are supposed to be the hardest, and after that you’re supposed to start feeling better.  I know this to be true because I already went through it last time, before our trip.  I just have to stick it out for a few more days.  I’m looking forward to losing the 5 lbs I gained on our trip, that’s for sure!  And I’m interested to see if I lose much more beyond that.  More importantly, I’ll be very interested to see which foods I am most sensitive to after I’m done.  This way it will be easier to figure out which things are worth the discomfort after eating. 

I’ve also been trying to move towards buying foods from the farmers market, and am working towards buying some grass-fed meat.  But I really need to get a deep freeze before I can do so.  It’s been an interesting adventure, trying to find local meat.  Mostly because the majority of producers I have emailed have had discontinued email addresses on the Eat Wild website.  Ha ha. 

If you are interested in doing some more reading on the Paleo diet, here’s a few websites you can look at (warning: not all of them kid appropriate due to language)

Those are some good places to start.  The Primal/Paleo community believes that evolution is a scientific fact.  If this is not your view, you might be annoyed by this in the articles.  However, there is still good information to be gleaned from the websites.  I found, overall, that the focus of this “diet” or “lifestyle” is on food QUALITY.  What’s the point of drinking your calories in a sugar drink that lends NOTHING to health, etc. 

Anyway, enough ranting for today.  I’m tired.  I’m a tiny bit cranky.  I’m on day 5, and I know that in a few days I’ll be feeling better.  It’s my intention on blogging what I’m feeling and up to, as well as my favorite things we’ve eaten while on this crazy journey. 

Scrapbook Sunday 05-15-11

I haven’t been doing any scrapbooking lately because I have been completely uninspired.  Last night, I was doing some surfing, and found a new website to download content from that I really like: http://www.designerdigitals.com/digital-scrapbooking/supplies/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=kit&x=0&y=0  They seem to have kits that are more paper piecing than just graphic art, if that makes any sense.  More paper, less cartoon?  I don’t know.  Anyway, I purchased two kits, and came up with this while I was playing around:

2009 Scrapbook - Page 086

Groovy, yes?  This particular kit is called Conifere, and I also bought Fairytale.  I am looking forward to using both of them a lot.  Smile

Here’s a few more updates, mostly pictures. 

I finished the bedbug, and have been working on Kitten’s sweater.  Otherwise, just pictures of the kids.  Smile


Kitten's sweater

In other news, we had to move Birdie’s bed to our walk-in closet. She’s a really light sleeper, and seems to wake up if you just look at her hard! Now that she’s been sleeping in her own little (!!!) room, she’s sleeping properly, through the night. No wake-ups half an hour after she goes to bed. She just keeps sleeping. The other thing that we’ve found really helps is her new Sleep Sheep. It’s a cute little white noise machine, and we put it on the "rain" setting, and she falls asleep and stays asleep, no problem. I love it, and wish we had it a million years ago. Ha ha! This picture is not of her sleeping in our closet, FYI. But it’s still adorable.

Passed out in a pile of soothers.

Playing outside

Kitten has been expanding her imagination lately. She loves to play dressup quite a lot. The other day, she had been wearing a long white shirt with pockets on the bottom of it. So she put all her doctor’s tools in the pockets, the stethescope around her neck, and played doctor with her animals for over an hour. It was great. In this picture, she is dressed up as a knight.

The Knight Who says "Why?"

Scrapbook Sunday 04-24-11

I didn’t actually do any scrapbooking over the last week or two.  I’ve been distracted, and frankly, uninspired.  And we’ve had other things going on.  So I’m pulling up a page I did previously that you haven’t seen yet. 

Scrapbook 2011 - Page 022

I think I need to buy some more paper packs to get into scrapbooking again, but don’t really want to spend the money, either.  Ha ha.  I’m sure I will. 

In other news, Birdie has yet ANOTHER sinus infection.  Yay.  I’m so thrilled about this.  So, it’s another round of antibiotics.  How many sinus infections before we refer her to a pediatric ENT?  I have no idea.  I’m trying to transfer primary care of both girls to a pediatrician who works out of the Medicenter near us, so once we’re established there, I suppose it will be something that we look into.  We’re switching doctors because while I love my doctor for me, I think I would prefer a pediatrician for the girls.  Especially because Birdie seems to have a lot more chronic issues creeping up.  Anyway, the new doctor is lovely and kind and I really hope that he’s willing to take us on a regular basis.  I’m not sure how it works because he is at a walk-in clinic, vs. a traditional office setting.  But yeah, he’s nice and local and those are the two most important factors to me (and competent – he has been willing to tell me that I need to wait it out with the kids before). 

Anyway, during our last visit with the doctor, he mentioned that Birdie is wheezing again, so it looks like we’ll have to have her checked for asthma when she isn’t sick, to see if she has chronic asthma or if it’s just related to her getting colds.  So she’s back on the nebulizer twice a day until she’s better.  Yay us.  I haven’t been able to get a video of her being hyper yet, but boy howdy… she’s a different kid on it. 

Speaking of being a different kid… Birdie now finger-walks, and has a tooth!  She’s getting so big! **sob**

On to a couple of Easter pictures:

Egg Hunt Day

Who has two thumbs and a new tooth?  This kid!

In knitting news, I am working on a hoodie for Kitten, and a bedbug toy.  I’ve completed the main body and most of one arm on the hoodie, and really ought to take pictures of it.  I don’t know why I haven’t.  Ha ha.  As for the bedbug, I’ve completed the head/body portion and am working on it’s little legs and antennae.  Which are ultra annoying to knit and stuff because they are tiny.  If anyone has any suggestions on where to buy safety eyes (either locally or online), I’m all ears.  I checked out Michaels yesterday, and they don’t have any at all.  I have a very fun, very exciting project up my sleeve, but it really can’t be worked on/completed until I have some safety eyes.  So let me know what you know Smile

That’s it for me.  I hope you guys are having a great Easter Weekend, and you get stuffed with your favourite festive foods. 

Scrapbook… aw, screw it.

I understand how behind I am, as in, it’s now Tuesday and I have been trying to post on Sundays.  Well, I just got behind, I guess.  Anyway, without further ado:

2009 Scrapbook - Page 079

I am aware that Kitten’s name is on the page.  So, just keep it on the down-low Winking smile

Here are some other pictures, just for funsies.  And because I’ve been doing a lot of knitting these days…

Intervention Longies

Birdie's Headband

We also went to the park one day.  For about 10 minutes, because it was still cold and snowy and wet, and I didn’t think to wear my rubber boots (it was an impromptu visit).  But it was nice to be in the sun, if even for a minute. 


Playing with the camera

And we decorated Easter Eggs!  Fun fun fun!

Easter eggs!

Fruits of her labour

So there you go. A lot of pictures, not a lot of text, just how you like it.

Scrapbook Sunday 4-3-11

Hello, how’re you doing, what’s up.  I have pictures for you today, but first!  Other stuff. 

  1. Guess what.  We’re sick again.  I know, big shocker.  It feel like we’re spending $90 a month to get illness from Kitten’s school.  Because I can’t even count how many days she’s missed of school in 2011 due to illness, and the majority of it, she’s getting right from her classmates.  This grates my cheese so severely.  Anyway, I missed the last round of it, but this round, I’m sick too.  And it’s awful.  And I’m a big baby.  And if I know my sinuses, we’re already working on another full blown sinus infection.  Because why WOULDN’T I want to take antibiotics again?  I mean, one week per month since the  beginning of January isn’t too often, right?  Right?  Gah.  Just kill me.  So right now, we’re looking up air purifiers from Honeywell – there’s got to be SOME perks to Rob’s job, right?  Right?  Gah.  Meanwhile, I’ve been drinking a lot of tea to soothe my throat, and a few things make it better.  Like fancy tea cups.  But as my darling brother pointed out, I feel much like this cat:

  2. Birdie is getting big.  Even though she was weighed at 19 pounds in March, I really think she’s put on a pound or so in the past week.  She feels really heavy.  She’s not walking yet, but still cruises around.  And she does that adorable W sitting that is likely going to be bad for her hips, but is SO STINKING CUTE!!!  Oh, and she yells at us.  Like, all the time.  If I’m in the other room, it’s all “MAAA MAAAAA MAAAA” until she finds me.  And if we’re in the car, she tells us (very loud) stories.  It’s pretty awesome.  I’m just looking forward to actual words coming out.  She does communicate fairly well with gestures (there’s no way you’re getting food in her mouth that she does not want), but it would be nicer to know exactly what’s up, you know?  Of course you do.
  3. Kitten has a really fantastic imagination these days.  She’s currently obsessed with all things marine.  Yes, we’ve traded in horses for all sorts of marine life.  It varies, from seals to sea lions to dolphins to orcas.  It usually involved one of the adults in her life being her trainer, and many open cans of tuna that she takes one bite from and declares that she’s full (ask me how insane this makes me.  The answer is VERY).  I think she’s gearing up for our trip to Sea World. 
  4. We’re trying to sell our laptop because I don’t use it any more.  This means that I now use our PC, with it’s pesky regular keyboard.  I am really used to typing on the very low profile laptop keyboard, and I’m making errors all over the place because I’m not used to typing and having to pick my fingers up so high to clear the other keys.  Urg.  Oh well.  if anyone is interested in a very nice ASUS 17” skookum laptop, let me know.  I can hook you up Winking smile

Ok, I think that’s it.  On to pictures!!

Ok, officially, the scrapbook page for today.  These are a couple of belly shots at 8 weeks pregnant with Birdie.  The text is likely too small to read at this resolution, so I suppose it’s possible to click through and read it at it’s biggest size, but it’s just a few snippets from my July 17th blog post on this here blog.  So you could search the archives if you prefer.  Or, you could just not care what it says, and that’s totally fine too. 

2009 Scrapbook - Page 077

Next!  I made a baby blanket for my sister’s latest boy child.  I finished it back in February, and just never got around to posting a picture about it/bragging about it.  I know, for shame.  So here you go:  it’s an entrelac blanket, done on Bernat Mosaic yarn.  which I do not recommend – very difficult to knit with, and will fall apart on you.  Resist it’s siren song!  Go for something better.  No, seriously.  Don’t do it. 

Entrelac Baby Blanket

I also knit a blanket for my sister-in-law’s latest girl child.  I didn’t know that it was going to be a girl, so I chose something that was fairly gender neutral.  This one was done on Handicrafter Cotton, in Mod Ombre.  It’s basically a giant dish cloth, but I do love how squishy it is, and it has a lot of stretch and some gorgeous drape.  I would make this one for more babies, if I needed too.  But not my babies.  Someone else’s babies.  This baby maker is retired. 

Baby blanket

Baby blanket

I am also working on a pair of socks, and a skirtie for Birdie.  She’s grown out of a lot of her little woolies, but is too small for Kitten’s smallest woolies.  So I’m having to knit a bit more for her.  It’s kind of fun.  I didn’t really ever do shorts or very many skirts for Kitten, so I’m trying my hand at a few new things.  So yay.  Hopefully next week I’ll have pictures of the skirt for sure, and possibly of the socks.  But don’t hold your breath on the socks thing. 


FURTHER NOTE:  I found out more about that horse!  The baby lived, and is doing VERY well now!  I have no idea what the further plans are for her life (ie, sale, lesson horse, etc.), but she lived!  It totally made my day, and I squeed out loud and totally spooked mama horse when I did it.  So yeah.  SO HAPPY.