Scrapbook Sunday 01-08-12

Scrapbook Sunday!!! Who is excited? Only me? Ahem.

So, I’ve been back at the scrapbooking since we’ve had our computer back up. I’ve done a zillion pages (or so) in the past week, and I’m excited to show them to you!

This one is Halloween 2009. Kitten dressed up as a witch (although I think she told people she was a fairy. I can’t remember). This graphics package called to me – it’s just too cute with the little bats and such. I picked this one up at Designer Digitals.

2009 Scrapbook - Halloween Pg 1

2009 Scrapbook - Halloween Pg 2

So that’s it.  🙂  Maybe next week I’ll post a scrapbook page with Birdie.  Or maybe not.  😉


Scrapbook Sunday

Well, I don’t have a lot to say.  We are getting by… some of us running, and some of us crawling along, dragging our leg behind us.  For the most part, Birdie has been a trooper.  I am grateful for this.  I will be even MORE grateful if this current sleep regression could pass us by soon (like, no more nights of waking up every two hours), and that maybe, just MAYBE she could sleep for more than 4 hours at a time.  But yeah. 

Rob has been feeling fairly under the weather, which means that everything here is a little strange.  I’ve been sleeping on the pull out bed, only to limit exposure (if I were to get the flu, I can’t call in sick).  He was feeling better as of Saturday afternoon (better, not well), so we’ll see when I move back to our bed.  The pull out is not very comfortable, and my back has been a bit sore from it.  My throat has been very sore the past two days, but there really isn’t any telling if it’s because I’m getting sick or because I have some massive tonsil stone that I can’t seem to find.  Or it just hurts from me poking around back there (completely possible). 

I have been spending a lot of my time playing with my very early birthday present, my new iPhone.  I really do love it… it wakes me up in the morning, it amuses me when Birdie is up nursing in the evening, it allows me to sit in the parking lot at preschool so Birdie can nap.  This is our new schedule on preschool days:  Drop Kitten off at school, go get coffee, park in school parking lot, play on iPhone or read a book, pick Kitten up from school.  I just really hope that it doesn’t get really cold before spring – I don’t think I could sit out there if it was super cold.  Birdie has officially dropped down to one long afternoon nap (3 hours, if she can!!!), so I’m trying to give it to her.  This is the best I can do (about 2 hours) on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  Back to the phone – if anyone wants to play Words With Friends with me, or has another multiplayer game to recommend, please let me know! Smile  Also, if anyone wants to be my texting friend, let me know that too Winking smile  My mom told me that I’m texting her too much.  Oops. 

If you’re not following me on Twitter, I have been putting up some pictures of the kids there.  I am also on Instagram, if you’d prefer to view them there.  I haven’t been putting all the pictures on flickr, just FYI. 

Ok, I guess I had more to say than I thought I did.  Now for the scrapbook pages.  I’m putting in two – it’s a two page layout, with the first page on the left, and the second page will go on the right. 

2009 Scrapbook - Page 020

2009 Scrapbook - Page 021

Crap on a Cracker (and other stuff)

Dudes, it has been a while.  And it has been very adventurous… at least for this past week. 

You see, we’ve been very busy, with the horseback riding, and Kitten being in Awana and just general business.  Well, with the Awana stuff, there’s a cub-car race (pinebox derby?) coming up, and we decided that Kitten would participate.  So, in effort to get her car made, we were to go out visit my dad (and all his fancy tools) on Wednesday morning.  The weather has been unseasonable warm, and it was raining in the morning, but I thought nothing of it.  After all, we get all kinds of weather here, and we try not to let weather stop us from doing things – else we’d be trapped at home for 355 days out of the year.  So!  I got us all ready and headed out the door.  I stepped of the deck and on to the concrete, and not two steps later, had fallen on my hip/elbow/back… on the arm that was carrying Birdie. 

Ouch.  Anyway, she started SCREAMING, and I was crying and Kitten was looking on in a “DUDE, WHAT JUST HAPPENED” kind of way.  I took us all (very carefully, mind, because that “wet” sidewalk was actually a sheet of ice) back inside to call my dad to tell him that we would NOT be coming.  If the sidewalk was to slick to walk on, how would the roads be (plus, I was not up to attempting to traverse the sidewalk a second time that day).  I was also unsure as to what our various injuries were.  I was quite worried that Birdie had hit her head on the sidewalk, or that I had squished her little innards while we all went down in a heap.  After about 20 minutes, Birdie was still inconsolable.  I didn’t think I’d be able to get to my car safely, and I was REALLY concerned that I had broken her collarbone or squished her insides with my arm and the thought of putting her in her carseat was pretty much unbearable, so we called 911.  I felt very dumb for calling, like it wasn’t a “real” emergency (no one was bleeding or in danger of dying), but we needed medical attention and I wasn’t sure how else to get it (Birdie was STILL crying). 

The fire truck got her first, and when I mean got here first, I mean that it got stuck down the street on the corner first (and kind of hit a parked car).  You see, our street had not been plowed since we got nearly 2 feet of snow in the past 2-3 weeks or so.  Yeah.  It was bad.  Anyway, the firemen (who were very good looking, by the way), got here first and had a heck of a time getting up to the house (frozen sidewalk).  One of them even remarked “no wonder she fell” as they attempted to slide up to the house.  They quickly checked Birdie over (felt her arms and legs, looked for bruises/bumps on her head, etc.), and asked me several times if I was ok.  Then they went and put down a bunch of sand so the EMT’s could get to our house.  You guys.  The paramedics (also good looking!) didn’t even bring the ambulance down the street – they parked around the corner and walked in.  Anyway, they also checked Birdie out and deemed her not in immediate danger.  They said that they could take us in, or we could wait at home and look for signs of head trauma ourselves.  They also said that if they took us to the ER, they would be putting us in the waiting room with everyone else, as there really wasn’t obvious injury.  I chose to stay home.  She was starting to settle and really didn’t relish the idea of waiting in an ER for however knows how long for a niggling idea in my brain that she must still be in pain.  At this point, the fire truck got unstuck from the first corner they had to take, went past our house, and got stuck on the second corner.  Poor firemen.  Oh, and the EMT told me that this was the WORST street she had seen in the whole city.  It’s a big city, and while I know she hasn’t seen every street, I’m sure she’s seen a lot!  Anyway, the paramedics left, and we watched the fire truck struggle to get free… to no avail.  In the end, they called a giant tow truck, that had to tow them out of the second AND A THIRD corner (that I could see).  It was ridiculous.  I did joke that maybe NOW we’d get a snow plow through here! 

After lunch, my mom came over to visit, and to make sure that we were all ok.  For some reason, when you say “ambulance” "fell with the baby on the concrete” and “won’t stop screaming”, mom’s tend to freak out.  I don’t know what that’s about.  So she came by to sit with Birdie so I could do some things, like breathe.  And maybe shower, but I’m not all together sure that I did that.  While my mom was here, we decided that every time you touch/pull on/move Birdie’s right leg, she’d cry.  And if you changed her diaper, she’d full on SCREAM and shake.  So I knew that niggling little feeling that she wasn’t quite right was true, and made arrangements for Kitten to play at a friend’s so I could take Birdie in the the ER.  Mom left for home (without getting stuck – yay!), and I got Rob to meet me at the hospital.

I had a really hard time sitting around in the waiting room.  People had been there FOREVER, and some people were REALLY sick, and I was filled with self doubt.  We were fairly fortunate that after an hour or so, we were able to see the pediatrician (who, for the record, was also very good looking).  He was all “yeah, she’s tender in there, lets go for some X-rays”.  They shuffled us off to a different waiting room (which Rob professed his undying love for, and his willingness to wait for HOURS in this very quiet, very empty waiting room), and then off to the x-ray room.  Birdie did so well for her X-rays, until they pulled her leg straight, and then it was all tears and shaking again.  After that, it was back to the busy, disease-filled waiting room until the pediatrician had time to look at the file.  Surprisingly not long long after we sat down, he called us over again.  He was all “ok, lets look at the films, and then I’ll have you set up in a room” and I was all “a room!  NO!!!  That’s horrible” and he was all “It’s not the end of the world” and by that time, we were at the viewing station thinger.  Anyway, turns out that Birdie broke her leg.  YOU GUYS, I BROKE THE BABY.  Le sigh.  She got a buckle fracture (which is a greenstick fracture) in her femur, just above the knee.  So they casted her, a giant pink (yay!) cast, and then sent us home.  I was SO glad that I listened to my mommy intuition and ignored the doubt I had.  I would have felt even more awful had I not taken her in. 

For the rest of the evening, we just stayed home and kind of was in shock about the whole thing.  I joked around that if anyone asked if we needed anything, I’d tell them just to bring those tiny champagne bottles over.  Ha ha.  Then I decided I’d rather eat my way through this, vs. drink. 

Wednesday night Birdie slept like an angel.  We kept up on the Advil, and she had a great big long sleep.  I was really grateful.  It wasn’t super amazing, like 10 hours or anything, but she wasn’t up every 2 hours like I thought she’d be. 

On Thursday, the graters came, and it took all of my will power not to stand on my front porch and yell “You’re welcome, neighbourhood!!!” at the top of my lungs.  Ha.  Anyway, the day went by with very little in the way of anything interesting or amazing, other than Birdie being crazy and trying to crawl around and STAND ON HER BROKEN LEG!!!  Egads.  So Thursday night, I put her to bed as per usual and things were normal.  I went to bed (at the normal time), and she woke up (at the normal time) to nurse, only HER CAST WAS NOT ON HER LEG!!!  The little squiggle worm had kicked off/pulled her leg out of her cast!  Gah.  So I got to make a 2 am visit to the ER (which?  not as busy as it was at 3 pm the previous day).  And even better, the same ortho-tech was on duty, so she was already familiar with us, and knew that Birdie loved to a) play with the crinkly bags and b) rip up the rolls of cotton batting.  She even let me cut through the “restricted” portion of the ER to get in to the hospital proper to get back to my car (vs. going outside and around the building at 3 am due to renovations).  So now she has another hot pink cast on which a better bend in the knee so she can’t get it off herself.

The weekend has gone quickly, and Birdie has been pretty OK with everything.  Granted, we’re not strangers to casts, but it has been a little different than the serial casts in that she will cry if you bump her leg wrong or if she goes too long between Advil does.  We have our Orthopedic specialist appt in the AM on Monday, so hopefully that goes well, and she won’t have to have her cast on for long.

Firetruck hauling

Finally unstuck

The day after

The Kicked Off Cast

Birdie Cast 2.0


Hanna does a Scrapbook Sunday thing, where every Sunday, she shows you a page she worked on out of her scrapbook.  Now that I’ve joined in on this digital scrapbooking thing, I thought I would copy her very good idea and I will leave you with a page out of my scrapbook (part 2… seeing as how the first 65 pages were lost due to a corrupted hard drive… ladies and gentlemen, please backup your computers). 

Scrapbook Page

The Unplumbed Depths of Our Geekdom

There are only two things I don’t like about my husband’s love of videogames: 1) when he spends more time with them than with me (which hasn’t been a problem AT ALL since Kitten has been born, so it doesn’t even need to be on this list, really) and 2) the fact that we have boxes of empty videogame boxes in our basement.  Seriously people, boxes of empty videogame boxes.  Gah.  They sit there and take up space and just make me crazy (especially because I’ve been feeling like I need to purge all the crap from our basement).

During my last forage through the basement to see what I could throw out/recycle/donate, I asked Rob about the boxes (of boxes).  His first answer was yes, we needed them.  After a little more needling asking searching questions, I found out that he keeps his Gameboy Advance game boxes for sentimental value.  I double checked – “so you’re sure that you aren’t keeping them in case you want to sell them later?” No.  Resoundingly no, as Rob views his games as a collection – you don’t just start selling your collection willy-nilly (and having the original boxes wouldn’t necessarily increase their value).  We really wanted to find a compromise, a way for Rob to keep his boxes, and for me to keep my sanity (and space in our small, storage deprived basement) so I volunteered to scrapbook his boxes

Either I am completely insane (totally possible!) or I really love my husband.  I’m going with the latter, but I won’t argue if you thing the former.  This means that I spend an hour in our kitchen tonight cutting the fronts and backs off some of his boxes.  I only got a small portion of them done (have I mentioned how many games he has?  Kill me now), and still have a lot more to do.  After I’m done seperating them all, I will need to stamp small “journalling” pages, so he can write when he finished each game, and whatever else he wants to (“this game was awesome!  I beat it on hard!” “this game really wasn’t worth the $20 I spent on it.  The gameplay was slow and uninspiring”).  In order to complete this project I’m going to have to get a manly looking scrapbook, as he kind of protests to pink, some cool paper (I have to believe that there is videogame inspired scrapbook paper out there, and if I could find Nintendo paper?  SCORE!), and a lot of time.  Strangely, I’m looking forward to the project.  It marries my deep love of scrapbooking, with my love of throwing stuff out/freeing up space in the basement, with his love of videogames and his love of his collecting things.  It’s like the ultimate polygamist relationship!

Now, ask me how grateful I am that the Gamecube games didn’t come in boxes!!!

A Year in Review

Last year I had made a few resolutions for this coming year: to read 60 chapter books, to weigh 175 by Dec 31 , to be a Mary Kay Director by the end of the year, and to develop our basement.  I’m guessing that most of you can guess the status on all four of those… but for those of you who can’t, let me tell you.

  • Read 60 books – I read 69, Yeah-huh!
  • To weight 175 lbs by December 31 – FAIL, but I’m 179 lbs and I’m ok with that!
  • To be a MK director – FAIL (and I’m not all that interested in doing it now)
  • Develop the Basement – Partial FAIL, it’s under construction

Anyway, this past year has been a pretty exciting one.  The most exciting thing being Kitten, and all other things seem pail in comparison, which is kind of funny.  I got lots of scrapbooking done, and even finished our wedding album (now it’s just on to our honeymoon and our life since then).  We went to Hawaii in March, and to Ft. Lauderdale, FL in May and had a really great time on both trips.  Rob and I played a “few” hours of Everquest II, but had to give it up after Kitten was born.  We just didn’t have the time (surprise!), and the accounts were costing too much per month for the amount of playing that we were doing.  I found out that I’m petrified of storms (or I was, last year – I blame it on all the construction around our neighbourhood).  I also stopped working at my job, and started working at home (cutting the lawn, cleaning the house, then taking care of the baby).  We spent most of July going out to eat and out in the evenings to escape the terrible heat of our house, which was kind of fun because we just don’t get out as much as we used to.  I wish we had seen more movies. 

Kitten has grown so much, gaining a hefty 9 pounds in 5 months and sprouting up over 6″!  She’s also jumping in her jumperoo, playing on her belly, sitting when propped up, and will stand when she leans against something (not as much as before, as she likes to bend her knees like she does in her jumperoo).  She doesn’t just babble anymore, she now makes ba, ma and mmmmm noises.  She also likes to splash in the bath, and not by accident!  She gets very concentrated and throws her arms around in the water, trying to catch the bubbles, and just trying to get Daddy all wet!

I keep looking back on the year, and thinking that not much has changed… but I couldn’t be more wrong.  Everything has changed.  There isn’t an aspect of my life that is exactly the same as it was last year.  Truthfully?  I wouldn’t change a thing (except that maybe I would have asked for my epidural sooner! 😛 )

This next year is going to be very exciting.  Kitten is going to start talking, eating real food, and walking.  She’s going to grow incredibly independent, and I am going to cry a lot.  While I doubt that we’ll be getting pregnant this year, I know that another baby is still in our future.  So looking in to the future, I’m ready to think about what I want to change next year.  My resolutions are as follows:

  • Read 25 books (I just don’t go through them like I used to)
  • Weigh 155 lbs by the end of the year
  • Finish our scrapbook up to Kitten’s birth, and start on her book
  • Go on more dates with Rob (without Kitten)

Do any of you have any resolutions, or do you not do that?  Will we be working towards any changes together? 

Hurrah for Exploritory Shopping!

I was in a baby store today that I have been to quite often, and left empty handed.  That isn’t uncommon for me with this store – I find most things are a little expensive, and maybe not quite worth it in my mind.  They have super cute stuff… but seriously?  $70 for a toddler’s dress?  As cute as it is, I just don’t think so.  However, I was super happy to decide to stop by to see what was on sale because I found out that the new scrapbooking store was finally open!  Yay!

I love scrapbooking.  If you haven’t noticed, I do scrapbook quite often, and I am currently working on my wedding album (which reminds me, I should take some pictures of my pages to show you guys), and have been struggling to find good paper, embellishments and all sorts of fun and neat things to put on my pages (besides just, you know, pictures).  For the past couple of months, I’ve been meeting my sister for late night crops – Where we go to a scrapbooking store and scrapbook until midnight.  It’s actually a lot of fun and I tend to get a lot of work done, which is awesome (and fully helpful – I’ll often do between 4-6 2 page layouts a night, lots more then I would end up doing at home).  The best part is that you can shop on a tab all night long, and use what you need from their stock.  No more having to purchase everything in advance – if inspiration strikes, you can just follow it along.  I love this, because I’m not good at pre-planning my pages.  I just want to get going.  Well, we’ve been going to a store that is nice, and has nice stuff, just not a lot of variety and not a lot of stock (so if someone else buys that pack of flowers before you grab them, you might be out of luck).  The ladies are really nice, but it’s a heck of a long drive for me, not to mention that the stock?  Is lacking.

So this new store, has an amazing amount of stock.  More embellishments and paper than you can shake a stick at.  It’s seriously amazing, and I am in LOVE with it.  The best part?  They run crop nights too!  I can’t wait to go next weekend.  I just hope that my sister wants to come, I don’t want to go by myself, you know?  It’s run pretty much the same way that the other place does, which is totally cool. 

I did buy a few things for myself today, too.  Mostly just flowers to accent my pages.  I’m pretty excited, as it’s taken me FOREVER to find black flowers (my wedding colours were black, red and white).  So double yay! 

I should finish up the pages that I started last scrap night, so I can start fresh next weekend.  Hmmm… so much to do!  🙂