Birthday Week

It’s my birthday this week, and we’re apparently taking as long as we can to celebrate it (it’s how we roll).  Saturday night we got together with my family to have a joint party, as my step-dad’s birthday is in March as well.  On Sunday we went to my Dad’s house to have dinner with them.  My actual birthday is on Wednesday, but our neighbours are coming over for steak and margarita’s/birthday party on Saturday, and we’re very excited, as it’s been a long time since we’ve had BBQ steaks and margaritas. 

Since we were in a celebratory mood on Saturday night, Rob decided to give me my presents early.  I got some tasty truffles from Purdy’s and Napoleon Dynamite from Kitten, and Rob gave me a Nintendo DS and Brain Age.  I am so so so excited about the DS!  Rob said he had a really hard time deciding between the pink one and the red and black.  He ended up getting the red and black, as it looks fancier, and thought that if I got the pink one, I would match all the 10 year old girls out there… and yeah. 

Isn’t it pretty?  It’s red on the top and black on the bottom and inside (just like the picture).  I play a lot of Brain Age, especially the Sudoku part of it.  It’s so much fun, and I’m pretty good at it.  I’m not sure what it is about my voice that it doesn’t like, but when ever I do the speaking tests, it doesn’t like to register everything I say.  Boo.

Yesterday we stopped at Bestbuy to get a case for it, because I don’t want it to get ruined.  I got this one:

My star is actually gold toned, not red, and my mario is a little different.  I’ll take a picture of it when I have time.  Looking for the picture of this one, though, I saw the Princess Peach one and I kind of wish that I had got that one.  Oh well, I do like red, and it matches my DS better than the peach one would.  I also picked up Animal Crossing, and it’s awesome.  We haven’t set me up to go online with it yet, but I will soon… so if you have a DS and want to exchange friend codes, let me know in my comments, and we can email each other our codes! 🙂  There are a few other games that I’m going to get, but not for a little bit, as I don’t want to spend all my free money on DS stuff.  Rob is very excited to show me all the game review sites, and to help me buy games from eBay, as that’s where he likes to buy games from. It’s kind of exciting.

I am really impressed that Rob remembered that I had remarked that I wanted one a while ago (but never really bothered to actually say that we should buy one).  Plus, he remembered that I had liked all the Brain Age ads that came on TV, and would always try to answer the question before Rob would.  Basically – Rob bought me things that he thought I’d like and he did a GREAT job.  I couldn’t have asked for anything better!  Thanks Honey!!! 😆


Adventures in Birth Control

Wish me luck… I go to get an IUD “installed” tomorrow.  I’m a little worried about the pain that could be involved in the procedure (I’m just remembering having my membranes stripped, and that felt like a punch to the cervix, so I’m hoping this isn’t too bad).  I also get a chance to ask her a couple of questions about my bits that I have, so I’m glad to be seeing my OB/GYN tomorrow.

Not BC related:

  1. Tomorrow is microwave cleaning day!  I didn’t get my Home Blessing Hour done, but I would like to use my neice & nephew as an excuse.  I did get our sheets changed and washed, and I just have the Kidlet’s to do tomorrow, along with the garbages.  I did get the dusting done, though, so that makes me happy (and 3 or 4 loads of laundry).
  2. We had a fun game of Munchkin tonight, which was awesome!  I love it when my brother comes over to play with us!
  3. Kitten is really getting the rolling over down pat.  She can do tummy to back fairly easily, but not really because she wants to, mostly because she’s reaching.  She gets most of the way turned over from back to front, but usually doesn’t get that final back arch down.  I’m really ok with the stage that she’s at, and it’s so much fun.  I’ve really got to start taking more pictures of her!

Stuff, Possibly Followed by Junk

First things first:  I beat Tom Morelli on Guitar Hero III.  Just in case you were wondering, and it was SPECTACULAR.  I must give props to Jodi, who gave me a hint.  And to Rob, of course, who was all “Do it nowww…. DO  IT NOOOOOOOOW!!!” that led to my ultimate win.  I am so, so happy to be done with the previous songs.  Although?  I did go back and get a near perfect score on Rock & Roll All Night by Kiss (or whatever it’s called – you know what I mean).  I think I missed two notes overall?  I feel pretty good about that.  I can’t wait to play some Weezer later! 

Kitten seems much more on schedule today, even though going to bed wasn’t super easy last night.  She did wake up around 9 am, which irritated me a tiny bit, but I soon got over it, as she was trying to grab the cat to see what he tastes like.  YOU HAS A FLAVORAnyway, Tych didn’t seem to mind (we didn’t let her actually get fur in her mouth, but she really grabbed on), and it was pretty cute!  Later, we went to visit the cat that we are looking after, and Kitten kept trying to pet that kitty too!  She’s become very aware of the cats!

Mmmm… we’re having meatballs tonight for dinner.  I suppose that I should go make those! 


If I hear Slow Ride one more time, I’ll punch myself in the brain.  Really, really hard.

We bought Guitar Hero III for the PC today (we’re old school GameCube-ers here), and we’ve been playing with it non-stop.  We only have one guitar, so we’re trying to build our careers and stuff, so that means that we’ve got to hear the same songs over and over.  So annoying.  I got stopped at the first boss and couldn’t beat him, so I’m obviously going to have to practice.  I mean, I want more songs, darn it!!! 

We’re desperately looking for an Xbox wired controller so we can both play at the same time (hooray for more of the same songs!), but due to Christmas and Boxing Day and stuff, there isn’t a one to be found in the city.  Hopefully we can find one before New Years Eve, so we can play with our friends.  Because we’re cool like that (also?  Trying to copy my sister’s NYE party TO THE LETTER). 

Kitten has been really fussy lately, and I think it’s because she’s so out of schedule.  With Christmas and the trotting back and forth from house to house for 4 or so days in a row… well, it’s been a little hard on her schedule.  She was so grumpy this evening that I put her soother in and rocked her for only about a minute and she was asleep.  Dead asleep.  The only problem was that it was 8:00 pm, and that isn’t her bed time (no bottle, no clean diaper and jammies, etc.).  I ended up waking her up around 8:30 for a bath and bottle, and she actually fell asleep before 11 pm!  The last few nights she’s been up until midnight at least, and not sleeping in.  It was starting to wear me out, so I’m very happy that she went to bed a little early tonight.    The other bad thing about Christmas is that my milk supply has dipped quite low.  I’ve been supplementing with bottles when we’re out so I don’t have to go nurse in another room (some of our family is uncomfortable, and that’s fine), and not pumping (again, with not having to miss some of the fun), and my supply is really starting to show the lack of milk.  I’m pretty sure that this is part of the reason that Kitten is fussy.  So for the next week I’m going to nurse her as often as she’ll latch, plus pump after her feedings and skip her cereal.  I’m just not ready to wean her yet, so I’ve got to reestablish my supply.  ::sigh::  Joy.  I had this problem once before, and my supply responded well, so I’m not worried… it’s just a pain in the arse.

Well, I should get myself to bed soon, so I can get up with the little one when she wakes up tomorrow.  She has been enjoying her mornings of coming into bed with Mama & Daddy for cuddles.  Sadly, those days are coming to an end when Rob goes back to work!  Then it’ll be up to eat and play (which is a pretty good start to the day, if you ask me!). 

Very Little To Say

I’m sorry, but I have very little to say today.  I haven’t had the baby (obviously) and I’m not in labour.  I have until tomorrow morning to see if this membrane thing actually worked, but it really doesn’t matter all that much. 

I saw my chiropractor this morning and he kicked the crap out of me.  Apparently I fatigued my hips/pelvis a lot by walking so far yesterday.  So, he wants me to keep moving, but to take it a little more easy.  So, he stretched me all out (no hip cracking, which was good because I just seriously can’t get my knee high enough to do it any more), which felt good, except that it’s kind of sore now (as per usual).  He also recommended doing lots of squat-type stretches just to keep everything all limbered up.  So, it will be interesting to see if I actually make it to next week’s appointment or not!

I picked up some cards for our baby announcements today.  I have everything ready to be printed off, but I just have to wait until the baby is born, now!  That, and I need to make a list of who I’m sending cards to, so I can make sure that I have enough.  Heaven knows I won’t want to be going to the craft store for more cards after the baby is born.

Last night we had some friends over to play Munchkin with us.  So much fun.  My brother brought his regular Munchkin game (we usually play Munchkin Bites), with the 5th expansion pack, and it was super fun.  If you’ve never played this game, I seriously recommend that you try it.  Too funny!!!

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