You guys. I am alive.

Well, we’re “done” the reno (as in, the construction stuff is mostly done, barring a few touch ups, but we are still in unpacking and decorating mode). But I’m not ready to do all my before and after shots until the decorating is done. So, patience, grasshopper.

I completely went off of the Paleo Diet thing during the last month or so of the reno. It was difficult and uninspiring to not have a kitchen and have to chose from a very limited selection of items while eating out. I ended up gaining some weight back (I think 7 pounds?), but it came off really easily during the month of November (another Whole 30). Rob joined me on the Whole 30 this time, and he lost a few pounds… not that he was even remotely near fat or even had that much to loose. However, his eczema has completely disappeared, and it seems (to me) like he has more energy/drive… but maybe that’s because the computer has been in storage until the last week 😉 Christmas didn’t derail us too much, although I did play a little food bingo, where there were certain things I really wanted to eat during the holidays that I only get to eat once a year, or even every other year.

I’ve been making an effort to move more these days, and that’s kind of my plan for this year. I feel like I have the eating thing down (I would say that I’m paleo 90% of the time, allowing for treats on ocassion), and now it’s time to start moving. So I’ve been doing some strength conditioning at home (body weight exercises), and I’ve started doing yoga at home again, as well (did you know that some people have put 1 hour long yoga routines on youtube? Amazing – now I don’t have to go take a class). I did buy a 20 punch pass card for a local Crossfit gym… but have been to afraid to go. I should just get going and receive my beating. Ha ha. I feel like I wanted to get a little bit stronger before I go. Which is stupid, as the POINT of going is to get strong THERE. But yeah.

The kids are both good. Kitten has been a busy girl, and is very into Pokemon and Disney Fairies right now. Birdie is the same as always, except she now has 4 teeth, and is willing to play in the basement (finished, all the toys are down there) for long stretches of time by herself. She has moved out of the crib in the closet, and is now sleeping on a double mattress on the floor of her new room. She was in a sleep sack for a little while, but she seems to prefer to sleep under a big blanket now. Silly girl.

Rob is doing well at work, and has aquired a bunch of new skills at home. He did all the dapping and the lions share of baseboard painting in our house. He also learned how to install laminate floor, paint an entire house in a weekend, and just generally be bonkers. It has been a fun ride, although I’m not terribly sure that I would want to live in our home during construction of that magnitude again. The major plus was that we noticed a lot of things that needed to be fixed as we went along, instead of having to make the contractors go back and fix it.

Well, it sounds like the girls are done their breakfast. I should attend them. Watch this space for new before & after pictures, for both the house and myself, as well as some new scrapbook pages (and hopefully pictures of the kids as well as of some knitting!)


Wii Have an Ache

A list of everything that hurts after playing Wii Fit for 1 hour yesterday:

  1. My abs.  Seriously.  They’re the most sore.  Mostly the ones right on the front, but the side ones are kind of tender as well. 
  2. My quads – you know, the front of my thighs?  Mostly sore just when going to stand up or going to sit down.  Just walking around doesn’t hurt.
  3. My left arm.  Apparently, it’s much weaker than the other arm, so it hurts more than my right arm does.  Perhaps the pushup/plank combo was a little much to start? 
  4. Last night my whole back was sore, but it is just peachy keen this morning.  So I’m not really counting it as sore.

Things I’m really happy about Wii Fit:

  1. It takes my weight and tells me my BMI.  Although I wasn’t happy to see that I’m still “overweight” (by about .8 points), I was pleased that I magically dropped 5 pounds over the past 2 weeks (it was more before I put the carpet extenders on the balance board.  I was all “only 160 lbs?  SWEET!!!” and then the machine was all “hmmm… you seem to be 7lbs heavier this time!”  Oh well). 
  2. You get to make and track for goals… all without trying to do anything.  Although my goal of losing 5 lbs over the next month just jumped to losing 9 pounds – you pick a goal weight, not an amount to lose.  So when we put on the carpet feet, and I now weigh more according to the balance board, my goal changed.  Oh well, I get to see how I’m doing with my goal in two weeks and I can change it then.
  3. It has Sun Salutations in the Yoga portion.  I loooove Sun Salutations, although this is only a fraction of the ones I learned in Yoga class.  But still, so happy!  I just hope that I will get to unlock the downward dog, because that is the best ever! 
  4. I totally rock the Yoga portion, and Rob hasn’t been able to beat my high scores yet!  Hee!
  5. I also rock the Hula Hoop portion, and unlocked the Super Hula Hoop game last night.  Yay!  I think on the SHH game I got 823 spins?  Yeah, I think I’m pretty awesome, too 😆  Although I fully suck at some of the other ones, like some of the strength training exercises.  So it all evens out.  Oh, and the balance games.  I suck at those (except the ski jump – I learned the trick!).

I’m so happy that I ran out to buy this yesterday.  It has been so much fun!  And my Mii is super adorable!!!  Anyway, Baby needs me!  Adios!