Things to do

Here’s my “before baby gets here” list:

  1. Wash out carseat, bunting bag and matching hat.  Bag up together with mirror for the car.
  2. Set up bassinet in our bedroom, layout some diapers and other essentials.
  3. Prep diapers, covers and nursing pads.
  4. Wash swing.
  5. Wash baby wraps, find somewhere to store them and the sling.
  6. Make room in our closet/dresser for baby clothes
  7. Clean up Kitten’s closet.
  8. Clean out Diaper Champ and get ready for use.
  9. Organize Kitten’s toys – put some away.
  10. Eat as much out of the freezer & pantry as possible to free up some room.
  11. Make a trip to the eco-station, Goodwill drop off, the used bookstore and the bottle depot.
  12. Pack hospital bag.
  13. Wash and put away 4 oz. bottles.
  14. Wash and lanolize new baby woolies (pants, sleep sacks, etc.).

The crossed out items are things I have finished.  I’m super anxious to get everything done… but some things just aren’t things you can do up to 6 weeks pre-baby.  There are a few more things that I can definitely do before it’s time, though! 

As you read earlier, I was up with the birds (if there were any here this time of year), and managed to get a few things done.  This afternoon I decided to wash and prep the diapers.  The majority of the cloth diapers we’re planning on using at the beginning with the Belly Bean are prefolds, and because I bought all mine second hand, I don’t actually have to prep them.  At least not in the sense of washing out all the natural oils and such to make them really absorbent.  But I did buy a few new fitteds and those did need to be prepped.  But I’m lazy eco-concious and decided to wash them once right now, and after baby wets them (because she will, and often), they’ll get washed more.  It just means that they won’t be as absorbent as they could be… and I’m ok with that.  At first new babies don’t tend to pee buckets anyway. 

I also chose to wash and prep all my new nursing pads.  I am so excited about my nursing pads.  Last time I used really good disposible ones, and I found that I just didn’t change them as often as I should have because they were expensive *shame*  I know, I’m an awful person.  So this time I bought 7 pairs of super wonderful WATERPROOF nursing pads (not the kind that are just flannel – these have diaper-worthy waterproof layers in them!), and was gifted another set of 7 nursing pads.  I brought them up to wash them, and ended up having to fight Kitten for them!  Ha ha!  She just loved all the round circles and all the bright and pretty colours (what?  Did you think that I bought plain white ones?  Heck no!).  Eventually she stacked them all up and told me that I could wash them, so they went in to the machine as well.  I really can’t wait to use them, it’s going to be awesome. 

Anyway, the point of all of this is to share some pictures!  Yay!  So here you go:

Nursing pads:
Nursing pads

Fresh out of the dryer:
Newborn Diapers!

Folded up:
Newborn Diapers!

So for those of you who really care, here’s what we have for the newborn stage.

  1. 2 Heartland Dreams newborn sized fitted diapers.  I sent my own fabric in for these, and had Tina sew them up.  She did a really fantastic job, and she didn’t charge a ton either.  I knew that I loved HD diapers, we have one for Kitten that I just love to bits.  Nice and absorbent, and they wash up so beautifully.  I’m hoping that the prints on these diapers don’t pill or fade too much over time.
  2. 3 size 1 Banyan Tree fitted diapers.  These are a two-sized system, so hopefully these diapers will fit Belly Bean until she’s a few months old, maybe as far as 6 months?  Depends on how much of a porker she turns out to be, and whether she has a long rise or not.  Anyway, these are super squishy and lovely, but I have to say that they seem a little bit bulky.  I’m not really sure whether we’ll use them right away or not, maybe after baby gets to be closer to 10 pounds or so.  We got the snap-in soaker kind, so they dry faster (and they do dry fast, by the way!).
  3. A variety of covers.  I have 2 extra small Thirsties covers, 4 size 1 Thirsties Duo’s covers (should fit to around 15-18 lbs), and 1 newborn bummis cover.  I really think that I could use more covers, but I keep telling myself that we are going to use wool some of the time, and not *every* diaper will be a poop diaper (if poop gets on the cover, I won’t reuse it between washings, but a pee diaper cover will get a quick rinse and a dry between washings).  I suppose if I feel like I am constantly running out of covers, I will likely just order some more size 1 Duo’s, as we should get the most wear out of them. 
  4. Clean nursing pads, all piled up 🙂
  5. Diapers that I made.  There are 4 fitted newborn diapers, and one newborn pocket diaper.  I have to say, the fitted ones turned out ok, but I really don’t like the pocket.  I’m not sure that we’ll actually use it all that much.  I guess we can give it a try, but I will say that it’s nearly impossible to get your hand in there to stuff the insert in!  The ones made from the watch fabric actually pilled really badly, and don’t look as nice as they did before they were washed 😦
  6. 36 tiny prefolds.  These are newborn prefolds, I guess, smaller than the “infant” sized ones.  I got a lot so we could just toss them in the wash as much as we needed to, and not run out of diapers.  I hear newborns need to be changed a lot? 😉  Anyway, I’m hoping that these will fit for a fair amount of time, a few months, at least.  I find you can get a lot more wear out of prefolds if you don’t pin them (you just lay them in the cover) because they’re not require to overlap as far. 

I also have a few small diapers waiting in the wings for when the babe grows a wee bit, including Yoshi and Princess Peach diapers (yay!).  I do want to purchase a few more diapering items, like a zillion more cloth wipes (we use them for everything – wash cloths in the baths, sticky fingers, diapers, etc.), and another wetbag for storing the dirty diapers in.  I do need to get a bunch of small sized diapers, as that’s the only size we’re missing… Kitten was already in a medium when we started using cloth on her. 

I’m happy this part is done.  Now I just need to find somewhere to put them!


How To Guarantee Your Baby Will be a Boy:

Make a sleep sack like this:

Sleep Sack

The premise of the sleep sack is that it’s made of wool and thus waterproof (ish).  So I can use a cloth diaper under it and not have to worry (too much) about there being pee all over the bed.  The other thing is that it goes on like a skirt… and also like a skirt, you don’t actually have to remove it to change the diaper – just flip up the bottom and away you go.  It’s fairly long (over 12″), so it should also cover up baby’s feet.  And if this baby is anything like Kitten was, (s)he’ll get his/her feet all caught up in his/her sleeper and just get mad anyway. 

I’m pretty excited about the sleep sack.  I think it’s super adorable, and it reminds me of Cindy Loo Who from Dr. Seuss.  I know that making it so girlish pretty much guarantees that my child will be a boy, but I’m more than willing to pay for any therapy that may be needed because I dressed him in something kind of girly.  It’s not as though I’ll be taking the baby out in this – it’s just for sleeping at home.  Anyway, very excited about this, especially because I didn’t follow a pattern, I just made it up as I went.

In other news, I saw the midwife on Wednesday.  Things seem to be going along well.  I am now measuring right on track (vs. a month ahead from last time), which means that my uterus had a growth spurt, and has slowed down now.  Which is fine by me.  It also means that I’m not having twins, and most likely that my dates were right.  I suppose it also means that I no longer need to write my Super Uterus a theme song.  Pity, that.

Baby seems to be doing well.  Bean is very active,  usually at night, or if I sit down for any extended time.  He/she also gets super excited if a chug a glass of cold water, for what reason?  I’ll never know.  Heart rate was around 150, and there was only one – so yay on that front! Ha ha.  It’s getting easier to tell where the baby is through feeling my tummy (no, you can’t feel it!).  I do feel like it’s a boy lately, but I can’t tell if that’s my mom trying to brainwash me or if that’s just how I actually feel about it.  ::shrugs::  Some days I feel gigantic, and other days I feel very small. 

I’m at that point in my pregnancy where I have to start being careful what I read and watch, and anything too tense makes me upset.  Upset in the way that I have ca-razy dreams.  So needless to say, I can’t watch Private Practice this season (too much about babies), and I’m starting to wonder if SG-1 is becoming too much for me too.  I hope not.  I also hope that Fringe and Dollhouse don’t start to bug me either – I would be very sad if I had to wait until after Bean was born to catch up on those ones! 😉

Anyway, I’m really enjoying knitting and sleeping lately, and I seem to go back and forth a lot between the two.  I try not to sleep WHILE I knit, though… that’s just silly.


I really haven’t been knitting much in the last little while.  I don’t think I’ve had the inspiration.  I have also been lazy, and distracted by video games.  But now that there is TV to watch again, I am knitting again. 

So remember that lace stole I was working on before?  Still working on it.  I totally screwed up a row and now there is lace where there shouldn’t be lace… but I’m not ripping it out because that sounds like less fun than child birth.  So I am going to accept that there is a major weird row and call it a day.  I’ve picked it up on ocassion, but it’s just not grabbing my attention right now.

Most recently, I finished a pair of scrappie longies.  For those of you not in the know (which is most of you, because I know that the majority of my readers aren’t part of the cloth diapering community), longies are wool pants that are usually used over cloth diapers as a cover.  Wool is magical and prevents leaks.  Well, not really, but the lanolin in the wool really does help.  Anywhoodle, scrappies are items that are made from scraps.  Sounds logical, right?  It is… in theory.  It’s actually kind of insane to make.  If any of you decide to do scrappies, here are my tips:

  1. Make sure all your yarn is the same weight and works up at the same gauge.  The only exception to this is if you can double knit some yarn to get the same weight/gauge as the rest of the yarn.  Then that would be ok to use.  Otherwise, it will just be a giant PITA.  Seriously.
  2. Knit your ends in as you go.  If you weight to weave in all your ends after the knitting is done, you will spend nearly as much time sewing in the ends as you did knitting.  Believe me.  I tried felting a couple of joins, but it made me nervous, and because these aren’t for me, I worried that they would fall apart over time.  But that is also an option if you are super confident in your end-felting abilities. 
  3. Pay attention to how many rows of each colour you’re doing in the legs.  This applies to all striped legs, but it’s definitely worth mentioning.
  4. Don’t change the yarn in the same spot every time.  It will create a very visual line that is easy to see.  If you stagger the colour changes, it’s not quite so obvious.

Here’s my finished product.  I was so happy to have these sell even before I finished knitting them.  I was worried that people wouldn’t like them, but I guess that was unfounded. FYI, the legs are actually even, they just don’t look like it in the picture. The fault is in the photography, not the knitting.

Finished Pants

Finished pants



  1. I’m feeling good these days, albeit tired from lack fo sleep.  My back is very sore and I’m worried about what the rest of my pregnancy will be like with this back issue, but I’m trying not to be too focused on it.
  2. This bean has moved from “swishing” around my belly to actually poking me on purpose.  This baby is strong already, and I am afeared of the next 4 or so months!  No visible movement on the outside, but it is a little early for that.  And I’m a little fat.
  3. On Friday night, I decided to go to the local mall.  I am supposed to be walking for half an hour a day (for my back), plus I wanted to look at a few things.  I was gone for about an hour, an hour and a half.  Rob called me as I was driving home, because Kitten just randomly started crying, and wouldn’t stop.  She was keening with her mouth closed, and refused food, her soother, and most other things that she would otherwise want, except Tylenol (which she asked for, and received).  I didn’t know what to tell him, and I was on my way home, so there was nothing to be done.  When I got home, she had settled down and was eating some yogurt.  When I went to brush her teeth that night, there was a large, open, raw spot behind her 1 year old molar.  I tried to feel it, and I couldn’t feel a tooth underneath, but chalked her strange behaviour up to teething.  Well, tonight I noticed that I could feel a tiny hard spot back there – it is a 2 year molar coming in!  I’m shocked – she just got her canines, and these ones are only 2 months late (vs. the rest of the teeth, which have been 6 months+ late)!  I’m hoping that the other three don’t give her too much trouble.  And I’m aware that this tooth is not “in” and therefore could still hurt her A LOT in the next while.
  4. Kitten has a cold.  I thought that the runny nose was from teeth, but she’s kind of goobery today, and was really stuffy last night.  We’re keeping her home this week to err on the side of caution.  I’m sad to not be able to take her to swimming lessons tomorrow morning (there are only a few more weeks), but I don’t want to get anyone else sick, nor do I want her to pick anything else up while she’s not feeling fantastic.  We’ll see on Thursday how she’s doing as to whether we’ll be able to go to Ladies Morning Out or not. 
  5. I pulled out the cloth diapers for Kitten again.  We were using Pull Ups in hopes that it would speed up the potty training process, but the sad fact is that she’s just not interested/ready, and we can’t afford to buy them every month.  On the plus side, I get to wash the diapers in my fancy new washing machine, so yay for that.  We’re sticking with prefolds and pockets for her, so hopefully she’ll decide she wants her princess pants again and to use the potty.   The pull ups really weren’t all that easy for her to get on and off herself any way, so it’s not any different for her to pull down a cloth diaper, or have me help her.  It’s my sincere hope that she’ll be offended at being treated like a baby and that it will be motivation enough for her to learn to use the toilet.  We’ll see, though.  Oh, I had all her cloth diapers in storage and proof enough that my old machine didn’t work very well – the bag smelled faintly of urine when I opened it.  Awesome, only not at all.  I am so so so glad that I’m not washing diapers in that machine any more.
  6. I should do a post on all the items that I’ve aquired for the new baby.  There is some serious cute stuff in there.  Seriously. 

A (Theoretical) Diaper Making Machine

With this new bean, I’ve been thinking a lot about what we’re going to put on his/her bum.  As most of you know, we cloth diapered Kitten when she was about 8 months old so cloth diapering a newborn is a brand new experience for me. 

I’ve really sorted through my options – fitteds, pockets, prefolds, etc.  I’ve decided to do a mix bag (surprise!), and get some of each.  So far, I’ve bought 12 infant sized prefolds (SO TINY! OMG!).  When I was talking on the forum I go to about newborns, one of my friends linked up a pattern for making newborn sized fitted diapers.  This is right up my alley (fitteds = poop containment in my mind), so I cranked out two flannel diapers, made from some old flannel and bath towels I had around the house.

Newborn Diaper

Diaper Inside

After sucessfully making two diapers like that, I decided that I could probably do a minimal fitted stash for very little money.  At this point, I decided to purchase a pair of snap pliers to put snaps on the diapers.  I am so excited to get this, you have no idea!  As soon as I get them, I have 4 more diapers just like the above ones to crank out (I prefer to make “hidden” snaps, ones that don’t touch the baby, so you have to put the snaps on before you finish sewing the diaper up).

THEN (because I don’t understand just trying something out), I decided to order some diaper fabrics.  So I currently have on order: 1 diaper cut of PUL (lime with white polka dots) and 1 diaper cut of white suede cloth (for making a pocket diaper – PS a diaper cut is just a small cut of fabric, usually around 20″ x 20″), 1 yard of cotton velour (for the soft, squishy insides of fitteds), 1 cut of bamboo fleece (very absorbent!), 1 cut of this gorgeous striped fabric, and 1 cut of this adorable owl fabric.  These two patterns will be on the outside of the fitteds with the velour on the inside.  I am GIDDY with anticipation of all the CUTE diapers I am going to make! 

So I’m going to be a diaper making machine.  I’m not right now because I need my supplies, but that’s besides the point.  I wish I had all this stuff right now so I could get started! Ha ha!  I just have to pick up some matching threads (for the new diapers) and some elastic… which means I have to chose between Polybraid and Lastin… I’m off to google which one is better! 😉

(PS, I haven’t been around much due to feeling crummy.  I’m better morning sickness wise, but I have an awful cold, and I am a JOY to be around when I have a cold.  I’ll update with belly pictures and stuff some time soon.  Oh, and more knitting stuff.  I have more knitting to show you, as always)

Canadian Mom's Interested in Cloth Diapers

FYI: now has the Bumkins cloth diaper kits! You choices are:

6 piece All-In-One set, averaging out to about $23 per diaper:










The Contours set (2 covers, 6 contoured diapers), averaging out to about $18 per diaper:










4 Covers + Wet Bag set, avering out to about $15 a piece:










So, if you’re interested in giving cloth diapers a try, but don’t want to get bogged down with a lot of choice, or have to worry about ordering from a company you don’t trust, then you can try these from costco!  All three sets have your choice of girl prints, boy prints, and Dr. Suess (gender neutral).

Bits and Bites

I’m lazy and tired and have WAY too many things to do, so here’s a short list of things that you might want to know.

  • Kitten has renamed Nybbles.  She’s now called “Moses”.  Don’t ask me why, but it is what it is.  Also, Kitten has learned how to make that “pssss psss pssss” noise and rub her fingers together when she wants the cats to come to her!  It’s hilarious.  “Moses” usually ignores her, but Tych has been known to come on the occassion (depending on how much love he’s received lately). 
  • I’ve still bee knitting like I have lost my brain.  Here are some of my most current items:

I did a set of three pairs of shorties for a wonderful lady on Cloth Diaper Nation. Here they are (please excuse the terrible photography in the first picture)

RoxyRocks Shorties

RoxyRocks Shorties

RoxyRocks Shorties

I also had time to crank out a skirtie for Kitten. I really love it, even though it took nearly 12 oz of wool (that’s a lot) and a zillion hours to do!

Kitten in her new skirt

  • My site was hacked.  It was kind of funny, but I’m just grateful that they didn’t do anything malicious… like corrupting my files and such.  So I’m doing a backup again today, and trying to figure out how to change my ftp password.  It’s lame right now, so I want to make sure it’s more secure in the future.  It’s possible that they guy just hacked everyone on the server… but I’d like to be a little responsible for my own security, you know?  Anyway, I have high hopes of moving my blog hosting to our server, but Rob isn’t sure if  it will slow my blog down and such.  But if it loads in half a second or one second… does it really matter?  I assume that *most* people use a feed-reader, anyway, so they’re not really loading my site as it is. 
  • Our air conditioner is on the fritz.  Some days it works, and others NOT AT ALL.  Apparently I am now a big spoiled baby because the heat makes me CRANKY.  Which sucks.  We have a repair guy coming tomorrow, and it’s been working *ok* (but not as efficiently as I think it could be), but when you buy something new, you don’t expect it to break barely a year after you’ve bought it, you know?
  • Also broken:  My washing machine.  Although not unusable, it makes a really loud squeaking noise… some times.  I originally thought that I had destroyed it by using too much soap, but the squeaking comes and goes, and happens when the drum is pushed on (we have a front-loader).  So… I’m using it until the it squeaks all the time and then we’ll have the repair guy out to look at it.  I don’t want to use it into the ground (and then buy a snookem new one)… or do I?  I have my eye on the LG fancypants one.  But in white, because we’re not replacing our perfectly good dryer.
  • We’re on week 4 of our homeschooling, and thing seem to be going ok.  How do I judge it?  I mean, Kitten doesn’t learn and use her vocabulary word every week (seriously, how do you work “vines” into every day conversation, other than “Hey kid, go get me a glass of Wild Vines Wine out of the fridge?”), nor does she always remember the sign language sign for the week (but “cat” was a hit, and she totally knows that one!!!), but she DOES remember shapes, colours, letters and numbers.  So I guess that’s better than nothing.  This week the topic is eyes and the vocab word is “iris”, so I try to talk about “mommy’s iris’ are blue, auntie’s iris’ are brown” after explaining what an iris is (the coloured part of your eye).  We try to review our learning poster every day to help with retention, but I don’t know if what I’m doing is “right”, you know?  Regardless, it helps me to interact with her a little more and helps me to plan pointed activities, rather that just letting her play independantly all day long. 
  • We had AWFUL ammonia stink in our diapers.  Probably a mixture of detergent and mineral build-up.  I finally found some RLR locally (Sobeys!  WOOT!), so I have officially stripped all of Kitten’s diapers and they are so soft and sweet smelling now.  Hopefully I won’t have to worry about that again any time soon.  However, I’ve decided to strip our microfiber because it’s all so dingy and gets smelly fast, so there must be yuck in there still.  First I have to catch up on some regular laundry.  I am so tired of doing laundry.  ::sigh::
  • I haven’t talked about Jamie Oliver in a long time (I know, what’s wrong with me?), but I recently bought his new book “Jamie’s Food Revolution”.  It’s a recipe book where the whole idea is to learn a handful of simple but tasty recipes and to teach them to your friends.  Then your friends teach them to their friends, and so on.  That way, everyone’s learning how to cook a few great meals and eating less take-out, which is ALWAYS a good thing.  Now, some people don’t need cooking lessons (I’m looking at you, Hanna), but for the rest of us who get stuck in the same rut all the time (spagetti, pancakes, KD, that was typical around here!) it’s great to be able to plan out a week of exciting different foods.  I especially love his curries section (mmm!  Curry!) and stir frys.  If you have a chance to even just peek at the book, it’s SO PRETTY!  I think I pet it for like, four days, before I started to cook out of it. 
  • I’ve started using the Oil Cleansing Method for facial care.   I still get terrible acne and there doesn’t seem to be anything that is helping it.  Plus, I am STILL struggling to find a good moistuizer.  So, the premise of this method is that you mix castor oil (plant based, aparently magical) with cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and rub it into your skin.  Then you use a very hot, wet cloth and hold it over your face, then gently swoop the oil off, rinsing the cloth a lot.  I used it last night at the sink and this morning in the shower.  The sink method works better, because you’re not sweating in the shower (or is that only me?).  I liked how smooth my face felt after, and especially how that always dry and flaky patch between my eyebrows was just normal skin (although I could still see my angry elevens).  I don’t really need to use a moisturizer after doing this, and I liked that part best of all! 🙂  I’ll let you know how it all continues, especially during the hormonal acne I get during my period! 

Anywhoodle.  I think I’m going to go knit – I have one more skirtie custom to do and then I have a break to knit my own things.  I have oh-so-many things to knit.  Like a tank top for myself, a halter dress for Kitten, my winter cowl, a church shawl for myself… Lots of things.

Dri-Line Bamboo Baby AIO's

[cross posted at Cloth Diaper Mamas

A few weeks ago, we retired a bunch of Kitten’s diapers – they were just too small, and I was tired of dealing with too small diapers.  So I went on the hunt for new diapers at the local diaper shop.  I decided to try a brand of AIO that I hadn’t before, the Dri-Line Bamboo Baby.  The interior was all bamboo (good at absorbing lots of liquid), with a PUL outer. 

The Bamboo Baby is a one-size AIO, which means that in addition to it using velcro to fasten the diaper around baby, it has snaps on the front to adjust the rise.  Typically, a one-size (OS) diaper is a bit big on a newborn (under 10 pounds) and is too small on a toddler (over 30 – 35 pounds).   I have to say that I am not impressed by the colours available.  All the PUL colours are very very pale, and they come in sage, aqua (like I have), white and yellow.  Nothing exciting at all.  In fact, those are the *most* boring colours that you can get in a diaper.  I do really like the laundry tabs on this diaper – they are right next to the velcro tabs that stick the diaper down… so you’re not messing up the PUL/inner material between the sticky velcro and the piece it sticks to (the bumGenius is known for that). 

Dri-Line Exterior

Inside the diaper, you’ll find lots and lots of soft and squishy bamboo.  The absorbent panel is only sewn down on one edge, which allows water and air to get around all the sides of it to aid in the laundering process.  So the panel will get cleaner and will dry faster.  I found that you had to wash this diaper a half dozen times to get the maximum absorbency.  In fact, the first time I used the diaper (after one wash), it leaked in a very short time.  Annoying!  However, now that it’s been prepped properly, I have no leaking issues.  It’s not absorbent enough for night time use, but if you put a microfiber insert under the bamboo panel, it is definitely nap time worthy!  I have found that the bamboo that is sewn right next to the PUL is slightly crunchy and definitely isn’t as soft as other bamboo products I’ve used.  However, the absorbent panel is still fairly soft, and baby’s skin touches that one most. 

Dri-Line Interior

Dri-Line Interior

 I decided to see how this diaper measured up against the bumGenius 3.0 in regards to size and ease of use, and here is what I found:

  • There are no pockets to stuff and no microfiber in this diaper – so you can just throw it in the drawer/bucket/where ever when it comes out of the dryer – you don’t have to futz around with it.  Also, you don’t have to worry about that dreaded microfiber stink. 
  • The laundry tabs are close to the sticky velcro.  This means that the PUL that the tabs are on top of won’t pill up and look messy over time.  BumGenius diapers do this ALL the time, and it makes them look ragged.  Also, I think the fact that the tabs are so far away from the velcro cause them to come apart in the wash more often, as there’s more pull on them.  And with the tabs being so close to the velcro, you’re not having to reach around baby’s hips to stick down the velcro when you take off the diaper. 
  • The width at the crotch is about 1″ more narrow on the Bamboo Baby diaper.  This can been good or bad, depending on your kid.  Kitten is rather slender, so this is a plus for us.  I would imagine that it would help fit a newborn better than the bumGenius would.
  • The rise is about 1″ shorter on the Bamboo Baby.  This means that it might not fit your child as long as the bumGenius would… however it also means that for babies with a shorter rise, you don’t have to have all the snaps done up all the time.  Again, it really has everything to do with what shape YOUR baby is, as to whether you would prefer this or not.
  • It takes less time to dry than the bumGenius Organic diaper, but more time than the bumGenius 3.0.  However, I usually set my dryer to 90 minutes on high, and that gets almost everything dry the first time.  The first couple of washes, I found that the Bamboo Baby took a little longer to dry.  I’m not sure if that had to do with the bamboo not being fully prepped, but that was my experience. 
  • The bumGenius 3.0 has a suedecloth interior, which helps baby feel dry.  Bamboo Baby does not, and therefore will not help baby feel dry.  This could be good for toddlers learning to potty train, or could annoy sensitive babies (Kitten doesn’t care if she’s wet, so it’s not an issue for us).

Bamboo Baby Vs. Bumgenius

Bamboo Baby Vs. Bumgenius

 I’m not exactly sure which diaper I would rate better, the bumGenius 3.0 or the Bamboo Baby.  Both have a lot going for them. 

In Canada, the bumGenius 3.0 retails for about $25 (give or take, depending on the store).  The Bamboo Baby retails for about $22.  Is it worth a savings of $3 to go with the bamboo?  I’m still undecided.  It’s a good diaper, and it’s holding up well.  After nearly a month of constant use it still looks like it’s in really good condition, whereas the bumGenius I got at the same time is starting to look worn already.  Others may chose to use the Bamboo Baby because of it’s natural fibers (some babies are sensitive to suedecloth and microfleece).  I think if there was a wider range of colours (especially bright colours or nice prints) I would be WAY more excited about this diaper.  There is a lot to like about it… but I often judge a book diaper by it’s cover.