V is for Vulnerable

I looked at a book at the bookstore today, an ABC book for adults. It’s called “V is for Vulnerable” by Seth Godin. It’s essentially a book for creators, for artists. While most of it didn’t speak to me (I don’t feel that I am an artist), there were a couple of poignant pages that stirred thought in me.

The first is that L is for lonely, because everyone is (and he finishes that thought with how the artist tries to help with the loneliness).

It just made me ponder. I am constantly surrounded by people. At work, at home. I am rarely alone. But I can still feel it, the feeling of loneliness. When did we lose connection with each other, in the face to face? Today I stood in line between two people waiting for coffee. I did not have my phone with me, just a little change in my pocket. I stood and watched as both people stayed glued to their screens, only looking up to place their order, barely acknowledging their barista. I wonder if this is part of the loneliness. We are so attached to our screens that we have stopped being people?

V is for Vulnerable, because if you refuse to share yourself or your art because of fear, there is no point to the art. I am tired of living in this world of nice-nice. I want to be vulnerable with people I don’t know all that well. I want the freedom to say “XYZ is shitty” or “ABC is amazing” regardless of what the reaction is. I want to be honest about what I think and where I am.

Living is hard sometimes. Sometimes it’s easy and amazing and just plain fun. Some days it’s full of pain and disappointment and suffering. I seek connection in my fellow human beings, and hope that maybe by being honest, by being a little bit vulnerable, I can find that connection.


3 thoughts on “V is for Vulnerable

  1. I think that the loneliness and the need to express exactly how I feel is a lot of the reason why I blog. I need somewhere to try and express how I am feeling without fear of condemnation or misunderstanding.

    You’re right, life can be bloody hard, but a lot of people don’t like to admit that they are struggling. Why is this? Why are we so afraid to appear vulnerable and to let people know that we are less than we feel we should be?

    Good to see you blogging again x

    • Interesting. Sometime times I fear there is MORE room for misunderstanding and condemnation when the feelings are there in black and white text. Hmmm…

      I feel like some of this is because I’m getting a tiny bit older. I desire organic conversation, real-ness. I am weary of superficiality.

      I am hoping to blog more regularly, to allow it to be a little more cathartic.

  2. Sometimes the hardest thing is figuring out what you’re unhappy with, and deciding how to change that. It sounds like you’ve taken a good first step.

    *hugs* and good luck on the rest of the journey!

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