A Post You’ve Been Waiting For

Hello, Internet land!  How have you been?  Swell?  Excellent.

I managed to get off my rear (actually, I have sat down ON my rear to do this, but I digress) and take some pictures of our home.  I figured that all of you have been WAITING to see some of our renovation photos.  Well.  It’s your lucky day!  I took some pictures of our living room.  So, here we go!

Here are the “Before” shots.  Please excuse the mess!

From our front door:
Living Room, Pre-Reno

From the fireplace (tucked behind the couch):
Living Room, Pre-Reno

From the fireplace, other direction:
Living Room, Pre-Reno

During the renovations:

Front Entrance:
Living Room, During Reno

The wall above the fire place:
Living Room, during Renos

So. We didn’t do a huge amount in this room, really. We closed in the ceiling to increase the square footage upstairs (and essentially give us our bonus room), replaced the yucky carpet with laminate, and painted the walls. In the front hall, we replaced our lino with tile, as well as closing in the ceiling, and painting. We had a bit of fiddly work done at the top of the pony wall railing to make it look nice. We left the glass insert in the pony wall, so we didn’t lose the light into the stairwell.

We added an overhead light in the living room, as well as the spot lighting because I dislike not being able to turn on an overhead light in the living room. I figure that I can always just use lamps if I want mood lighting, but it’s hard to make a lamp really get a lot of light in a room, if you know what I mean. To be honest, this is not a room that Rob and I spend a ton of time in, although the girls do like to read and play in here sometimes. Mostly, this is our “formal” living room, used when guests come over.

From the front door:
Living Room, Post-Reno

From the front door, but a wider angle:
Living Room, Post-Reno

From the kitchen:
Living Room, Post-Reno

From the fireplace:
Living Room, Post-Reno

We still have a few things to do in here. I’d like to get a couple of end tables, for both of the couches. A lamp might be nice, on both tables. Especially seeing as how we use the couch near the book case for reading and relaxing. We have family pictures and wedding pictures to hang above the couch, as well. I would like to find a matching rug for the front entrance, as well. The carpet scraps we have are working well, so far… but they’re not ideal for the long term, I think.

Thanks for looking!


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