Scrapbook Sunday 05-15-11

I haven’t been doing any scrapbooking lately because I have been completely uninspired.  Last night, I was doing some surfing, and found a new website to download content from that I really like:  They seem to have kits that are more paper piecing than just graphic art, if that makes any sense.  More paper, less cartoon?  I don’t know.  Anyway, I purchased two kits, and came up with this while I was playing around:

2009 Scrapbook - Page 086

Groovy, yes?  This particular kit is called Conifere, and I also bought Fairytale.  I am looking forward to using both of them a lot.  Smile

Here’s a few more updates, mostly pictures. 

I finished the bedbug, and have been working on Kitten’s sweater.  Otherwise, just pictures of the kids.  Smile


Kitten's sweater

In other news, we had to move Birdie’s bed to our walk-in closet. She’s a really light sleeper, and seems to wake up if you just look at her hard! Now that she’s been sleeping in her own little (!!!) room, she’s sleeping properly, through the night. No wake-ups half an hour after she goes to bed. She just keeps sleeping. The other thing that we’ve found really helps is her new Sleep Sheep. It’s a cute little white noise machine, and we put it on the "rain" setting, and she falls asleep and stays asleep, no problem. I love it, and wish we had it a million years ago. Ha ha! This picture is not of her sleeping in our closet, FYI. But it’s still adorable.

Passed out in a pile of soothers.

Playing outside

Kitten has been expanding her imagination lately. She loves to play dressup quite a lot. The other day, she had been wearing a long white shirt with pockets on the bottom of it. So she put all her doctor’s tools in the pockets, the stethescope around her neck, and played doctor with her animals for over an hour. It was great. In this picture, she is dressed up as a knight.

The Knight Who says "Why?"