Scrapbook Sunday 04-24-11

I didn’t actually do any scrapbooking over the last week or two.  I’ve been distracted, and frankly, uninspired.  And we’ve had other things going on.  So I’m pulling up a page I did previously that you haven’t seen yet. 

Scrapbook 2011 - Page 022

I think I need to buy some more paper packs to get into scrapbooking again, but don’t really want to spend the money, either.  Ha ha.  I’m sure I will. 

In other news, Birdie has yet ANOTHER sinus infection.  Yay.  I’m so thrilled about this.  So, it’s another round of antibiotics.  How many sinus infections before we refer her to a pediatric ENT?  I have no idea.  I’m trying to transfer primary care of both girls to a pediatrician who works out of the Medicenter near us, so once we’re established there, I suppose it will be something that we look into.  We’re switching doctors because while I love my doctor for me, I think I would prefer a pediatrician for the girls.  Especially because Birdie seems to have a lot more chronic issues creeping up.  Anyway, the new doctor is lovely and kind and I really hope that he’s willing to take us on a regular basis.  I’m not sure how it works because he is at a walk-in clinic, vs. a traditional office setting.  But yeah, he’s nice and local and those are the two most important factors to me (and competent – he has been willing to tell me that I need to wait it out with the kids before). 

Anyway, during our last visit with the doctor, he mentioned that Birdie is wheezing again, so it looks like we’ll have to have her checked for asthma when she isn’t sick, to see if she has chronic asthma or if it’s just related to her getting colds.  So she’s back on the nebulizer twice a day until she’s better.  Yay us.  I haven’t been able to get a video of her being hyper yet, but boy howdy… she’s a different kid on it. 

Speaking of being a different kid… Birdie now finger-walks, and has a tooth!  She’s getting so big! **sob**

On to a couple of Easter pictures:

Egg Hunt Day

Who has two thumbs and a new tooth?  This kid!

In knitting news, I am working on a hoodie for Kitten, and a bedbug toy.  I’ve completed the main body and most of one arm on the hoodie, and really ought to take pictures of it.  I don’t know why I haven’t.  Ha ha.  As for the bedbug, I’ve completed the head/body portion and am working on it’s little legs and antennae.  Which are ultra annoying to knit and stuff because they are tiny.  If anyone has any suggestions on where to buy safety eyes (either locally or online), I’m all ears.  I checked out Michaels yesterday, and they don’t have any at all.  I have a very fun, very exciting project up my sleeve, but it really can’t be worked on/completed until I have some safety eyes.  So let me know what you know Smile

That’s it for me.  I hope you guys are having a great Easter Weekend, and you get stuffed with your favourite festive foods.