Scrapbook… aw, screw it.

I understand how behind I am, as in, it’s now Tuesday and I have been trying to post on Sundays.  Well, I just got behind, I guess.  Anyway, without further ado:

2009 Scrapbook - Page 079

I am aware that Kitten’s name is on the page.  So, just keep it on the down-low Winking smile

Here are some other pictures, just for funsies.  And because I’ve been doing a lot of knitting these days…

Intervention Longies

Birdie's Headband

We also went to the park one day.  For about 10 minutes, because it was still cold and snowy and wet, and I didn’t think to wear my rubber boots (it was an impromptu visit).  But it was nice to be in the sun, if even for a minute. 


Playing with the camera

And we decorated Easter Eggs!  Fun fun fun!

Easter eggs!

Fruits of her labour

So there you go. A lot of pictures, not a lot of text, just how you like it.


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  1. I love the skirt you made! I’ve had that pattern in my mind for a while to make for someone. How did it go?

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