Scrapbook Sunday 4-3-11

Hello, how’re you doing, what’s up.  I have pictures for you today, but first!  Other stuff. 

  1. Guess what.  We’re sick again.  I know, big shocker.  It feel like we’re spending $90 a month to get illness from Kitten’s school.  Because I can’t even count how many days she’s missed of school in 2011 due to illness, and the majority of it, she’s getting right from her classmates.  This grates my cheese so severely.  Anyway, I missed the last round of it, but this round, I’m sick too.  And it’s awful.  And I’m a big baby.  And if I know my sinuses, we’re already working on another full blown sinus infection.  Because why WOULDN’T I want to take antibiotics again?  I mean, one week per month since the  beginning of January isn’t too often, right?  Right?  Gah.  Just kill me.  So right now, we’re looking up air purifiers from Honeywell – there’s got to be SOME perks to Rob’s job, right?  Right?  Gah.  Meanwhile, I’ve been drinking a lot of tea to soothe my throat, and a few things make it better.  Like fancy tea cups.  But as my darling brother pointed out, I feel much like this cat:

  2. Birdie is getting big.  Even though she was weighed at 19 pounds in March, I really think she’s put on a pound or so in the past week.  She feels really heavy.  She’s not walking yet, but still cruises around.  And she does that adorable W sitting that is likely going to be bad for her hips, but is SO STINKING CUTE!!!  Oh, and she yells at us.  Like, all the time.  If I’m in the other room, it’s all “MAAA MAAAAA MAAAA” until she finds me.  And if we’re in the car, she tells us (very loud) stories.  It’s pretty awesome.  I’m just looking forward to actual words coming out.  She does communicate fairly well with gestures (there’s no way you’re getting food in her mouth that she does not want), but it would be nicer to know exactly what’s up, you know?  Of course you do.
  3. Kitten has a really fantastic imagination these days.  She’s currently obsessed with all things marine.  Yes, we’ve traded in horses for all sorts of marine life.  It varies, from seals to sea lions to dolphins to orcas.  It usually involved one of the adults in her life being her trainer, and many open cans of tuna that she takes one bite from and declares that she’s full (ask me how insane this makes me.  The answer is VERY).  I think she’s gearing up for our trip to Sea World. 
  4. We’re trying to sell our laptop because I don’t use it any more.  This means that I now use our PC, with it’s pesky regular keyboard.  I am really used to typing on the very low profile laptop keyboard, and I’m making errors all over the place because I’m not used to typing and having to pick my fingers up so high to clear the other keys.  Urg.  Oh well.  if anyone is interested in a very nice ASUS 17” skookum laptop, let me know.  I can hook you up Winking smile

Ok, I think that’s it.  On to pictures!!

Ok, officially, the scrapbook page for today.  These are a couple of belly shots at 8 weeks pregnant with Birdie.  The text is likely too small to read at this resolution, so I suppose it’s possible to click through and read it at it’s biggest size, but it’s just a few snippets from my July 17th blog post on this here blog.  So you could search the archives if you prefer.  Or, you could just not care what it says, and that’s totally fine too. 

2009 Scrapbook - Page 077

Next!  I made a baby blanket for my sister’s latest boy child.  I finished it back in February, and just never got around to posting a picture about it/bragging about it.  I know, for shame.  So here you go:  it’s an entrelac blanket, done on Bernat Mosaic yarn.  which I do not recommend – very difficult to knit with, and will fall apart on you.  Resist it’s siren song!  Go for something better.  No, seriously.  Don’t do it. 

Entrelac Baby Blanket

I also knit a blanket for my sister-in-law’s latest girl child.  I didn’t know that it was going to be a girl, so I chose something that was fairly gender neutral.  This one was done on Handicrafter Cotton, in Mod Ombre.  It’s basically a giant dish cloth, but I do love how squishy it is, and it has a lot of stretch and some gorgeous drape.  I would make this one for more babies, if I needed too.  But not my babies.  Someone else’s babies.  This baby maker is retired. 

Baby blanket

Baby blanket

I am also working on a pair of socks, and a skirtie for Birdie.  She’s grown out of a lot of her little woolies, but is too small for Kitten’s smallest woolies.  So I’m having to knit a bit more for her.  It’s kind of fun.  I didn’t really ever do shorts or very many skirts for Kitten, so I’m trying my hand at a few new things.  So yay.  Hopefully next week I’ll have pictures of the skirt for sure, and possibly of the socks.  But don’t hold your breath on the socks thing. 


FURTHER NOTE:  I found out more about that horse!  The baby lived, and is doing VERY well now!  I have no idea what the further plans are for her life (ie, sale, lesson horse, etc.), but she lived!  It totally made my day, and I squeed out loud and totally spooked mama horse when I did it.  So yeah.  SO HAPPY. 


3 thoughts on “Scrapbook Sunday 4-3-11

  1. I totally know what you mean about knitting with Bernat’s Mosaic yarn! I actually complained to them about it and they say it’s more of a roving yarn, so that’s why it’s like that! Not my fav! But easier to crochet with if you have to use it!

  2. You are so talented! I love the scrapbook page and especially the entrelac blankie – the pattern and colors are just perfect!

  3. Wowy, wow! Wow! Those blankets are stunning. You can make me a giant dish cloth. Next time I make a baby, I’ll let you know.

    So sorry you are sick, that would feel pretty bad to have your head squeezed into a glass of water. I hope you find some relief.


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