It’s Not Sunday

But I’m going to post some scrapbook pages for you anyway.  Here are two I did at a recent crop night (even though I only worked on my digital stuff):

2009 Scrapbook - Page 048

2009 Scrapbook - Page 049

As I’m sure you can figure out, these would be side by side.  I just loved these pictures, and these pages were hilarious to do.  Thanks for all the consultation, Mom! Winking smile

In other news, it was my birthday last weekend.  So now I’m 30.  People keep asking if I feel old, and the answer is no, I don’t.  30 really doesn’t bother me.  When I was a teenager, I thought that by 30 I would be married, I’d own a home & a car, and be done having kids.  I have accomplished all of those things.  So I really don’t feel any need to mourn my youth, or sit around being upset that I’m old.  I try not to think about how much closer I am to death now, but otherwise…  I’m good.  We didn’t really have a party, which I feel a tiny bit bummed about, but we are planning on having a few different small scale celebrations instead.  Oh, and I’m still expecting some kind of party, Mom!  Ha ha!

Things with the kids are mostly good.  Birdie is usually sleeping through the night, or waking up to nurse only once.  Some nights I can put her off and she’ll go back to sleep, and some nights she is more insistent.  It seems like we’ve been sick since January, with very little breaks between, but what can you do?  I feel like I have been keeping the kids as healthy as I can, limiting  exposure where I’m able, and just trying to get good, healthy food in to them otherwise.  I’m not sure what more I can do beyond that. 

Birdie did get her cast off, but I will have to post all about that a different day.  All I will say is that things are completely 100% fine and healed, and it was DARN COLD that day!  Brrr!  We took the train, which was great, but any kind of waiting we had to do outside was less than pleasant. 

All right:  Here are a few more pictures of the kidlets.  In case you are wondering, I don’t have as many pictures of Kitten these days because a) she doesn’t hold still enough, b) plays more independently than Birdie does, and therefore is not necessarily in the vicinity of me and my phone. 

Finally standing still

After breakfast

The new baby

Back in the bath

Best view in the world

In which Birdie says yes to blackberries

** Story about the horse:  Mama was rescued by the stable that I ride out of, about 2-3 weeks before she delivered.  She had been badly abused and starved.  Baby was born very underweight and weak – the stable owner had to go out and physically lift the foal up in order to latch her on to Mama to get milk, she couldn’t stand on her own.  When I was at the stable last week, mama and baby were gone, but I don’t know if that means that they were outside because it was nice, or if they went on to their forever home, or if baby didn’t make it.  I’m afraid to ask, in case it makes the stable owner upset that the baby is gone (she wasn’t sure that the foal was going to survive, as weak as she was).  She was so adorable.  Sad smile


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