Scrapbook Sunday

Well, it looks like I’m not really getting here during the week other than on Sundays.  I guess one day is better than no day?  Eh.  Oh well.

Scrapbook pages:

Scrapbook 2011 - Page 006

Birdie Scrapbook Page

In other news!  Birdie’s quilt is being worked on.  I am having a bit of a dilemma with the sashing on her quilt.  I have white that will be wide enough, but the aqua is not.  My options are to a) cut approximately 1” off each side of the quilted rows so the aqua will work, b) buy new fabric or c) piece together the sashing d) start over with the leftover blocks, and add more aqua blocks in.  Please vote in the comments.  If I buy more fabric, I will likely get both aqua and grey, and use them alternately.  I need more auqa in the quilt – it’s too red as it is. 

Birdies quilt

Soonish I’ll have another project to be able to show you.  It’s a gift, and while I’m not quite done, I will be done soon.  And once it’s been received, THEN I will show you.  So yes, a giant teaser.

Unrelated to all things crafty, we’ve dealt with an awful flu bug around here.  Rob got it first, with the chills, body aches, cough and congestion.  Then Kitten got it with the throwing up and now the coughing.  Birdie also has it, but her biggest symptom is terribly congestion.  I have been fortunate in that I’m a little stuffy, but overall not miserable.  However, this week has been VERY trying, and I cannot wait for our family to be pestilence free.  I feel like we’ve had a really hard start to the year Sad smile


2 thoughts on “Scrapbook Sunday

  1. Love the scrapbook pages — very cute!! Also love the quilt but it definitely needs lots of aqua to tone down the red. Not that we all don’t like red…. it’s a tough call to say how to do it, since I’m not a quilter. Oh and by the way, Kitten is gonna LOVE you when she’s 18 and you show off that video with the lovely “hockey helmet”. Hahahahaha!!!!

  2. I vote a or b. I’m thinking (a) would be the easiest fix, but easy isn’t always the most necessary thing in a crafty/artsy project. Good luck, it looks beautiful so far.
    I love the head bands! Ha! What a fun tradition.

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