The Soother Fairy

Kitten was a very sucky baby. She loved her soothers, right from the beginning. We were always comfortable with having her take a soother – it gave us a break and we knew that you could confiscate a soother, but not a thumb (well, at least not easily). So we let her have her soother.

Eventually, we limited her soother time to at night and during her naps only. She was allowed this comfort for some time. I found it pretty hard to deny her, whether it was a form of laziness (in not wanting to break her habit) or feeling like it was the wrong time (“she’s potty training!” “there’s a new baby!” or another form of change) or what… I’m not sure. I felt as though it didn’t matter – she wasn’t going to take it to college with her… or grade 1, for that matter, but yeah. I was very lenient on it.

However, in October I was starting to get annoyed with the soother. Annoyed with cleaning it. Annoyed with her losing it in the night and calling us for it. Annoyed that people were (assumably) judging us for allowing our 3 and a half year old to have it. So I declaired “The Soother Fairy is coming!”

We talked about it for a few days. The Soother Fairy is coming! She comes and takes soothers and leaves a present! We get to decorate the tree in front of our house! It’s going to be AWESOME! Some times Kitten would be very excited about it… and others, she would be pensive or uninterested. Eventually, she agreed that I should call the Soother Fairy and that she should come and take Kitten’s soothers. So I did (thanks, Mom).

The evening of the Soother Fairy’s visit, Kitten was VERY excited. I had to work, but as soon as I got home, Kitten was all up in my grill to get the tree decorated. I pulled out our old Christmas decorations that we don’t use any more. We hung up some blue ornaments, strung up some blue garland, and then hung her two soothers on some blue ribbon from the tree. I took lots of pictures, and Kitten posed like such a ham. Watch out, Canada’s Next Top Model! My daughter is fierce! Heh.

The Soother Fairy Tree

After all the decorating, and picture taking, Kitten went inside to bed. It was a little hard for her. Boy howdy, did she try to bargain! She just wanted one little soother! Couldn’t we go outside and get one? Just one? And then it was “The Soother Fairy will bring me a new soother!” ::sigh:: But we made it with fairly little fuss. I think it helped that she was a little tired from staying up a little bit late. I was just grateful that she didn’t wig out in the middle of the night – she slept right through.

In the morning, I snuck downstairs before she got up to cut off the soothers and put out her present. I also wrote her a little note from the Soother Fairy, thanking her for leaving the soothers out for the new babies. I also put in how the soother fairy remembers how she brought Kitten her first soothers, and all that. Kitten was SO EXCITED to go out and get her present! I wasn’t sure if she was expecting a new soother or not, but she seemed happy with the present and the note.

Post Soother Fairy Visit

We got her a Barbie with a walking horse. What a waste! Ha ha ha. Seriously. Kitten won’t let us turn on the horse, I think it freaks her out. But she does love the Barbie and the horse, I just wish we could have bought her one that wasn’t so “fancy” (and thus $$$).


I think she played with it exclusively for a solid week. These days, it still gets some play but not to that extent. I’m glad she likes it, and frankly, I’m always happy to foster her love of the equine. It’s kind of funny, she didn’t even touch the Barbie for the first day, I think.

The Spoils of War

PS – If you were a purple Barbie riding boot, where would you be hiding?


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  1. Very, very cute idea! And alas, I can’t shed any light on the location of the purple Barbie riding boot. I had a habit of losing Barbie shoes, too.

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