Weekend Round Up

This post will be disjointed as all get out, so stick with me!


I got my new rotary blade, and managed to get two fabrics cut up.  But only two 😉

All our squishy fabrics!

The start of Birdie's Quilt

I do intend on getting some more done… but just never seem to get there. ::sigh:: Soon. I think. Maybe. Anyway, I still have to decide on whether I am going to use the aqua colour as the binding, or if I should use one of the patterns. I’m a little lost about that. I did get the extra white fabric to do all the sashing in white, though. Oh, and I have no idea what colour thread to use for the top stitching. I love the variegated stuff, but I don’t think there is one that would look good with these colours.


I have a couple of things on the go these days. I was working on some very complicated pants for Birdie, but decided to rip them out. They were really hogging the yarn, and I wasn’t going to have enough to finish, so I ripped them out. I did take a picture of the fabric first, though.

Cross Stitch Longies

I am also working on a pair of socks, my first pair of actual Three Irish Girls socks! Yay! I haven’t worked on them in a little while, though. I started up a pair of pants for Birdie, instead. She’s outgrown all her wool, and isn’t big enough for Kitten’s hand-me-downs yet. I got a few rows done while we were away, but really didn’t do much. I don’t like to knit in the car.

Dragon Fish Socks


As part of our trip out East this past weekend, we stopped at the zoo in Saskatoon. It’s mostly deer (seriously, like 8 different types of deer), but they had some cool other stuff, like a lion, cougar, lynx, and grizzly bears. We went after supper, so the animals were up and wandering around which was so nice. The best thing were the pygmie goats. There was this little one that would cry out, and would make Birdie (she was sleeping in the sling) either start to cry or giggle in her sleep. I wonder what she was dreaming about! LOL!

With the bears

Rob & Kitten

Rob & Kitten

Us girls


My brother got married this weekend, and it was just lovely. Kitten was totally enamoured with the bride, as well as with dancing. Ha ha. She did her “highland dancing” all night at the reception (which consists of her hopping from foot to foot in a circle). It was so hilarious, and adorable. Birdie decided that she was starving and exhausted just before the wedding started, and was just inconsolable. I tried so hard to get her to stop crying, but there was no soothing her. So I ended up nursing her during the wedding (something I had NOT planned on doing). I’m pretty sure that no one really noticed, other than I wasn’t standing during the bridal entrance (I can’t nurse and stand without things falling out of place, if you know what I mean). Rob joked with me later that I was going to have to ask the photographer to photoshop my boob out of the pictures. Ha ha, Rob. I can’t wait to see our family pictures, though! And I just realized that I didn’t get anyone to take some pictures of the four of us as a family. CRAP!! 😦 Oh well.

The girls were in perfect matching outfits, though. They were so adorable! Kitten kept hugging Birdin in every picture I tried to take of them! LOL!

Daddy & his Girls

Kitten loves her sister

I did do a “costume change” for the girls for the reception. I thought they’d be more comfortable in pants and shirts. They were still adorable, though.

Birdie and the Bride's Bouquet



So there you go. In the end, we spent 24 hours on the road, but really enjoyed our trip. We played some serious “Road Kill Bingo” along the way, and the amount of road kill we saw was just… wow. Seriously. The only thing that I expected to see on the road that I didn’t was bird remains. Yeesh.