Kitten’s Birthday Party

I’ve come bearing gifts.  Or at least .gifs (see what I did there?)  Pictures of Kitten’s birthday party!  These are only a few, as she was literally surrounded by family the whole day.  And I don’t “own” my family, so I try not to post pictures of my family without their permission, etc. so you’ll (sadly) get only a small view of the festivities.  But!  Pictures!  Yay!

Here’s Kitten when we got to the park grounds. She was so excited to wear! the! Tutu! I had let her try it once once before, but otherwise denied her requests to wear it around the house. So it was super special, come party day. She’s also sporting her #3 shirt (made by me), a pair of Abby Cadabby Pony-O hair streamers (bought from etsy) and a pair of Abby Cadabby running shoes (I had a bit of a problem, leading up to the party. Ha ha).

Kitten all dolled up for her party

Here’s a picture of us decorating the picnic site. We got stopped by the park police, because they were wondering what was going on, as they don’t usually allow people to set up tables and stuff (we only had one). They let us off the hook though, as it was a kid birthday party (and we obviously were NOT drinking). I loved our balloons and the few decorations that we did have.

Getting Set Up

We had three games for the kids to play, an egg race (where you race across the grass with an egg in a spoon), a cotton ball race (where you blow through a straw to push a cotton ball across the ground – we used a blanket), and a pinata. Most of the kids had a probelm with the egg race, but it was still fun to do. I dyed the eggs before hand.

Kitten having a run around the grounds

We did have a pinata, which was totally fun. It was a pull-string pinata, which totally failed. Kitten’s uncle ended up ripping it open so the kiddies could get the candy. I think that they enjoyed it, even though it didn’t work quite right. You can’t see it, but Birdie had an Abby Cadabby outfit on too. 🙂 We’re all about the matchy-matchy. For those who are curious, I am wearing Birdie in my new Ergo, in Galaxy Grey. She likes it most of the time, but sometimes she just wants to be FREEEEEEEEEEE…

Pinata, ready to go

Candy scramble!

Pinata Grab!

We had cupcakes for cake (for ease of eating outside). I ended up not doing anything fancy or Abby Cadabby themed. I really wanted to do faces, but couldn’t figure out how to do the eyes. Well, I could have ordered candy eyes, but didn’t have time to get them in. Anyway, it’s no matter. They were fine, and gorgeously coloured inside!


Cupcake insides
(the inside picture is from an earlier batch, but very similar to how they turned out.

Anyway, now Kitten is three, and SOMEONE told her that 3 is apparently much more dramatic than two ever was. ::sigh:: Oh well. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the pictures!


7 thoughts on “Kitten’s Birthday Party

  1. Kitten and Birdie are so gorgeous. Happy bday to Kitten! Those cupcakes, tutu, everything – were awesome!!

  2. Looks like everyone had a great time. I love the tutu! So sad we missed it. I’m going to have to introduce Matia to Abby Cadaby, she looks right up Matia’s alley. The cupcakes are marvelous. Nice work Mommy of the year!

  3. -Kitten is turning into a CAT!
    -Her hair is SOOO long!!!
    -Tutu is adorable
    -Cupcakes are so bright, what kind of colouring did you use?
    -Birdie is looking so cute and bright eyed hanging out in her carrier, not to mention her hot MAMA!

    • I used food colouring gel from Michaels. I think it’s the bussy line? The guy from Ace of Cakes, maybe? Anyway, they have a ton of his line of cake decorating stuff. Most of it is pretty spectacular, actually 🙂

      Kitten’s hair is exceptionally long – down to her waist, actually. This hot mama has been feeling rather fat lately, actually. Ha ha.

  4. Ok AWESOME post. Not that your others aren’t.. 😉 This one is just really, really fun. (and yes, I’m a little behind, just read your recent blogs now, ahem.)Yay for birthdays… could she BE any cuter?!? Oh and did I mention…I soooooo can’t wait for frufru GIRL birthday parties?????? BRING ON THE TULLE, BABY!!!!

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