Some pictures

Here are some pictures for you guys:

Birdie in the baby wrap. Ok, it’s a picture of me with the wrap, it’s not like you can really see Birdie at all. But I was pretty happy to have the wrap that day, I’m sure!
Birdie in the baby wrap

Kitten enjoying watching some TV in our room:
Kitten watching Clifford on my bed

Birdie! In her cute dress with her cute headband:

Another picture of Birdie with a different headband… she’s all “seriously, mom? I look ridiculous!”:

If you’re wondering where I got the headbands from, I bought them from this etsy seller. She does great work and has fast shipping.  The flower is a clip and you can put it on a variety of headbands.  For about $25, I picked up 6 headbands, 2 flowers and 2 bows.  Not too bad, in my opinion.  Especially because down at the baby boutique, it was $20 for one headband with a flower that didn’t come off.


5 thoughts on “Some pictures

  1. OMG — that’ is totally cute — those pics of Birdie!! I laughed out loud at her second expression!

  2. You have freckles??? Wha???? I love the look on Birdie’s face, very inquisitive. Miss Kitten is getting to be such a big girl!! All I need to have a happy toddler is a new t.v…I’m ON IT!

    • Yeah, I’ve always had freckles. But they’re worse right now. It’s my “mask of pregnancy”, I think. I’m just glad that they didn’t all turn into a giant freckle (or a true mask of pregnancy), as that isn’t the most flattering thing, and it takes a while to go away.

      Yes, new TV. Preferably a giant one, that plays PBS Kids. I think she was watching Clifford when I snapped that picture.

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