My Life in Two Lists

Things I’d Like to Remember Forever:

  • The look on Kitten’s face when she first saw me using the breast pump.  Priceless.  She couldn’t have looked more horrified and worried for me. 
  • Birdie’s teeny tiny little bottom.  I can’t believe that her bum fits in the palm of my hand.
  • How happy Birdie is when she’s nursing, and how satisfied I feel when she gives a huge burp after she eats.
  • How much Kitten loves her sister, and wants to kiss her everytime she sees her.  Also, how she loves to lay next to Birdie and just look at her (but only if Birdie is looking at Kitten – if Birdie is looking the other way, Kitten gets kind of upset).
  • The peacefulness that fills our home for the hour or two every night when both girls are sleeping, and Rob and I can steal a few quiet minutes to talk or do our own things.  Knowing that the kids are happy and sleeping makes me feel successful and pleased.  But it really only lasts an hour or so.

Things I’d Like to Forget Right Now:

  • How awful this stage is when babies refuse to sleep and just seem to cry a lot. 
  • Projectile newborn poop.
  • My suspect personal hygeine. 
  • How resentful I feel of people who get to sleep… including Rob. 
  • How awful I feel about not having any time at all for Kitten.  It seems like if I’m not attending to Birdie’s needs, I’m trying to get in a quick shower, a nap or a load of laundry.  Forget trying to clean the house or cook dinner. 

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