Quick Update

Things seem to be going ok.  Friday was an awful, awful day… but it was Magic Day Number 5… so that was to be expected.  Birdie was super fussy and I was at the end of my sleep-deprived rope.  And it was my birthday, which made it suck extra hard.  But I appreciated everything that my mom and Rob did for me.  They tried so hard to make the day nice for me, including a really yummy dinner and cake. 

Saturday was a much better day, as Birdie decided that she just *might* be getting the hang of this nursing thing.  I’ve had to pump far less, and she’s been able to nurse far more… which makes me feel like less of a failure as a mother… which means that I’m crying less.  Ha ha.  Hopefully she only gets better at nursing, and things continue to go more smoothly.

I’ve been able to get a bit of sleep in the past two days, as well, which has really helped.  I’m grateful that Rob has been such a huge help with Kitten, so that I can sleep when Birdie does – or at least try! LOL! 

I’m very much NOT looking forward to Monday, when Rob goes back to work.  I think it’s going to be very interesting, trying to coordinate both Kitten and Birdie’s schedules.  Kitten has been good at being flexible and waiting for Mommy & Daddy to help her with things.  She’s always been good at playing independantly, and the only complaint I have is that she’s really testing her boundries right now.  But I’m quite sure that it’s just because she wants more attention and she KNOWS that we’re busy with Birdie.  But she’s surprised us with how independant she’s been – even in the past week.  Apparently she can put on her own rubber boots!!  I was suprised to see her put them on – and on the right feet, even! 

Anyway, I’m not dead.  I’m not huddled up in a ball weeping in the corner (today, anyway).  While I’m not looking forward to tomorrow, I do know that Tuesday – Thursday will be better because I’ll have help.


4 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. I have faith that Monday will be a good day — kids will get fed and you’ll be able to sit and chill while Birdie feeds or sleeps. You can’t ask for anything else for your “first” day. Low expectations = surprises if extra good things happens! And remember, it’s one day at a time, and I’ll be there on Tuesday to do what I can!
    love Mom

  2. yes I remember watching in awe as Dade marched out to the entry way and put on his own winter boots & coat and proceeded to take himself out to the deck to play. When you have a new born that is when your older babies grow up before your eyes. Embrace the independence, allow her to do as much as she can (as much as you can let her). It gives you a bit more energy and focus for the new baby of the family, and it gives big girl some news to share that is all about her.
    You are such a good mom Kait, never doubt that no matter what the breast feeding out come may be.
    Happy belated birthday, next year it will be fun to have a birthday buddy.
    Take care.

  3. Happy Birthday Kait. Sorry it was so sucky for you. I wish I lived close enough to be your laundry fairy or your babysitter or whatever you needed but well, the UK is a little bit too far! Hopefully things will continue to improve and Birdie will nurse better, Kitten will continue to be flexible and you can get a routine established which will allow you to take a little time out occasionally. Good luck! X

  4. Be well! Happy belated birthday. Just remember: you have two beautiful daughters. You are SO NOT a failure as a mother. 😀

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