Ooh! Shiny!

I got a distraction yesterday! 🙂  Rob and I bought my “push present” – A new laptop!  Yay!  I don’t have any pictures of it, but this is the one that I got – http://ca.asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=hUn2kMS4sU3z3kUV  It’s shiny and pretty and I’m very happy with it! 😀

The only thing that I’m not crazy about is that it has a multi-touch trackpad, which takes a bit of getting used to.  For the most part, I can scroll easily, but it took a while to figure out how to get it to work reliably. 

But it sounds great, it’s really slick, and it doesn’t burn my legs like my Dell did.  Did I mention the shiny factor?  😉

In other news:  I’m still pregnant.  The labour cookies didn’t work, obviously.  But they sure were tasty!  Basically extra spicy gingersnaps.  I shall eat a bunch more today.  I’m thinking about blowing up lots of balloons today to see if that does anything.  I figure I can try all the non-invasive “things” to try to start labour before getting in to some of the more serious ones.  I’m not super desperate at this point, but I really am trying to avoid a hospital induction!  So I’m saving some of the more serious things for next week (under the advisement of my midwife – don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything crazy without their advice!). 

So if you’re a praying person, could you please pray that this baby comes out soon?  I’m not completely miserable (just mostly), but I’d love to be able to have this baby at home as per our plan, and I would also really love it if she wasn’t 10 lbs.  I know that’s a lot to ask… but yeah.  😉


3 thoughts on “Ooh! Shiny!

  1. When my sis was getting ready to have her baby, several people told her to go play mini-golf. I’m really not sure why. What I do know is they (she & her hubs) did go golfing, and the next day… baby! Not sure if it would work for you, though, if the cookies didn’t help. Hmm.

  2. I have no magic tricks for you. Also I am sad that our girls won’t share a birthday. Look, I’m at the computer! Now back to bed for me.

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