40 Weeks

I’m still pregnant.  But look, I will distract you from my whining with a picture! 

Here’s my gigantic belly.  You might not think it’s that big, but remember how big the other things in the picture are compared to the belly, and you will realize that I am Large and In Charge. 

40 Weeks

Also: new glasses.  I am liking them more and more these days.  I like that you don’t see them first, you know?  It’s not like “hey, there’s Kait’s glasses, with Kait behind them”.  They’re almost an after thought.

In other picture news… Turtle Butts!

Turtle butt soakers

These go over cloth diapers, to help them be waterproof (ish).  I think they’re pretty adorable, although they’ll definitely be cuter once there is a baby inside them.  Indeed.


11 thoughts on “40 Weeks

  1. YOU rock. AND are beautiful, glasses, belly, etc. etc. Turtle butts…yep they will look soooo cute with your baby inside. Good to see you last night.. and to laugh about whipped cream, breast shields, boobs and general nakedness. HAA still grinning about those convos 😉 talk soon! p

  2. You look GREAT miss Katia! The first thing I thought when I saw the picture was “ooooh, those are the new glasses…I LOVE them, oh hey, there’s a belly”. Also, I love your yarn. So bright and yummy. I think they’ll be big, not small and you’re crazy 😉

    • Well… if this baby cooks forever, they *might* be too small! 😀

      I’m glad that people like the glasses. Sometimes I wonder if they’re “people approved”.

  3. Kait, you look great!!
    I love your glasses, they show your eyelashes!
    The turtle butts will look cutie on your baby’s petutie.

    • They didn’t work… but boy are they tasty! I should put up the recipe. They’re essentially gingersnaps with cayanne pepper in them.

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