How is it that I am still pregnant?  Gaah. 

That is all.


4 thoughts on “ZOMGBBQ!

  1. Don’t worry, it’ll happen soon! My wife is due in April and she’s as grumpy as you!

    You might be interested in my blog if you would like an insight into a man’s mind during pregnancy!

    All the best,


  2. POOR BABY!!!!!!! (and I’m not talking about the one in utero!!!) Sooo remember being there…hugs and prayers, girlfriend!!

  3. Hang in there.
    I’m trying to think of something that might distract you, but I got nothin. I come over and read your blog for distractions, but I don’t even have anything new to offer on mine. I’m at the height of boringness in my life it seems, so I keep checking up on you for some excitement.
    Hopefully for both of us something cool happens soon!!!
    Take care

  4. I like that BBQ is in your expletive, maybe if you have some BBQ the baby will come out. Helpful, no?

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