Ok… Go!

Well, I finished my pre-baby list… Kind of…

  1. Wash out carseat, bunting bag and matching hat.  Bag up together with mirror for the car.
  2. Set up bassinet in our bedroom, layout some diapers and other essentials.
  3. Prep diapers, covers and nursing pads.
  4. Wash swing.
  5. Wash baby wraps, find somewhere to store them and the sling.
  6. Make room in our closet/dresser for baby clothes
  7. Clean up Kitten’s closet.
  8. Clean out Diaper Champ and get ready for use.
  9. Organize Kitten’s toys – put some away.
  10. Eat as much out of the freezer & pantry as possible to free up some room.
  11. Make a trip to the eco-station, Goodwill drop off, the used bookstore and the bottle depot.
  12. Pack hospital bag.
  13. Wash and put away 4 oz. bottles.
  14. Wash and lanolize new baby woolies (pants, sleep sacks, etc.).
  15. Find breast pump, sanitize and store.
  16. Finish Kitten’s Baby Book & First Year Calendar

4.  Wash Swing

I did this today.  I pretty much threw all the soft parts into the washer, and I’m not bothering to wipe down the plastic right now.  Truthfully, we’re not going to be using it for weeks, as I don’t love putting my 2 day old baby in the swing, so it’s just going to get dusty again.  So I put all the soft parts in a plastic bag after being washed and dried and called it done.  Yay for that.

6.  Make room in the closet/dresser for baby things

This is completely done.  I’ve even unpacked all the baby clothes I wanted out, although I was planning on doing that during labour.  I’m trying to pare down my “in labour to-do” just in case it’s shorter than I had originally thought it would be.  So baby is fully unpacked (minus about 800 diapers, but that’s no big right now, either – I have some cloth up here and a package of disposibles, so I’m set).  I have her hanging up clothes in my closet and her folded clothes in my dresser… and there doesn’t seem to be anything else to be done about that right now.  Oh yeah, I was going to get Rob to put some batteries in the bassinet, but otherwise her living area is completely ready for her.  Yay.

10.  Eat as much out of the freezer & pantry as possible to free up some room

We did this, then we bought more food.  Oops.  Actually, right now I have two lasagnas, and two meat pies, along with various leftovers, and a few racks of ribs in the freezer.  This will go a long way towards feeding us post-baby.  I mean, those lasagnas will be two meals each, at least.  Plus ribs are super easy (slow cooker, with broth and steak spice… easy peasy!), so I feel like we can handle at least a FEW days post-baby.  I also cleaned out my pantry last week (because I’m crazy), and it’s much more organized!  I’m very happy with it, actually.  Also happy that there wasn’t anything in there that I had forgotten about, so that’s good.  Ha ha.   I probably do need to make a “buy soon” list for the pantry, though.  I’m running out of things like unbleached flour, and icing sugar.  Neither of those things are going to be needed RIGHT NOW… but maybe I could find something on sale… ::shrugs:: Meh.  I’ll worry about that later.

16.  Finish Kitten’s Baby Book & First Year Calendar

Well… these are kind of done.  I’ve finished all the journalling and “filling in” that I need to.  I just have to print off pictures and stick them in the book and calendar.  That’s really the easy part.  I am thinking that we’ll have the Belly Bean’s birth announcements printed off at Costco, so I’ll wait to print of the pictures for Kitten’s books until then.  We generally try to avoid Costco as much as possible, and making a seperate trip just for photos kind of makes me feel twitchy.  It should be fairly simple to pick out pictures and stick them in.  I have post its in the books listing most of the pictures that I want, so that really helps, I think. 

So now it really IS just a waiting game.  The last few nights have had some interesting contraction action, but they seem to always fizzle out and just bugger off.  I’m getting annoyed that nothing is really happening – I wish that the contractions would pick up and just keep going… but there’s really not a lot to be done about that.  I’m doing everything I can do to help this baby along, but SHE has to decide to come out as well.  ::sigh::  Waiting is hard.

I am trying to keep busy by cleaning the house (no, I am not nesting), knitting and reading.  Kitten seems to know that things are changing, so she’s fairly demanding these days as well.  I guess that’s ok – I’m trying to keep up with her as much as possible.  We went out for dinner last night (out past her bedtime), and when she woke up this morning, it was like she was a completely different kid – so grown up.  It makes me a wee bit sad, but it was hilarious all at the same time. 

Random information: 

  • Kitten does not like it when I put my hair in braids, and has asked me no less than 3 times today to take my braids out.  Heh.  I guess the only acceptable hair styles for me is a singleton ponytail and straight down.  It’s a good thing that I don’t *have* to do what my toddler says all the time. 
  • I have less heartburn these days, and it can usually be banished with a few tums vs. taking Zantac twice a day.  Yay.  This also means that baby has dropped low enough to be sitting directly on my tailbone, which makes sitting not so fun sometimes.  Darned if you do… darned if you don’t. 
  • I am tired of feeling like puking all the time.  In case anyone is concerned about that.  Blarg. 
  • While no one has outright done it yet, I’m not looking forward to the time when people start calling to ask if we’ve had the baby yet.  ::twitch::  I promise, you’ll either get an email or a phone call, and I’m sure that many people will get both.  We’re really excited about having the baby, and it won’t be something that we’ll try to keep a secret. 
  • I’m still cranky.  Just in case I do talk to you soon and I sound kind of pissy… it’s because I am.  Likely it has nothing to do with you… it’s just me. 

3 thoughts on “Ok… Go!

  1. I’m with you on the being cranky and feeling pukey points. I’m jealous that you are so far ahead of me. I wish I was done soon. Right now I’m just looking forward to feeling movement. At times I think I feel some kicks and turns, but then I figure it’s probably just gas. In a couple of weeks the jabs should feel more defined. Hopefully well before that your contractions will be more defined too. Praying for you and your delivery and your kiddos and hubby. Take care.

  2. That’s funny about the braids. Jack hates it when I put on a dress. He will throw a full on tantrum! Crazy toddlers.

    With printing pictures, I exclusively use shutterfly now. I try not to leave the house as much as possible!! Also, I haven’t had a good experience with Costco prints.

    I bet you’ll have that baby within 5 days.

  3. People call and ask me if I’ve had my baby yet. This would include my father who I keep reassuring that I will in fact contact them when I go into labour…

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