C-section by cat

I was napping with Nybbles this afternoon – or rather Nybbles was cuddled up to my belly as I drifted in and out of sleep.  I’m not sure exactly why she loves to lay by my belly – there is no longer a little hollow there between my belly and my lap for her to lay in, but to each their own.  I know that I wasn’t fully sleeping, because every so often, I’d wake myself up with a bit of a snore.  I’m a giant pregnant person with sinus issues – sometimes I snore. 

Anyway, I’m ripped out of sleep because Nybbles must have heard something – whether from Kitten’s room, downstairs, outside, I don’t know.  Maybe one of my snore’s startled her – and used my blanket (and me!) to claw her way 3′ in to the air, growling and hissing and fighting mad.  All I know is that had I not had my huge duvet on, I think this baby would have been born today via c-section… in my bed.  When we planned a home birth, that WASN’T what I was thinking! LOL!

And of course the booger head has gone back to sleep on the bed, but I’m too startled to relax enough to drift off again.  Oh well, guess it’s time for me to get up anyway!


One thought on “C-section by cat

  1. Yikes! Your title totally freaked me out since I only read the first word before I clicked.
    I snore when I’m prego too, it’s annoying isn’t it! Glad you had your duvet on! Sleep with one eye open, beware of cat!

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