Sneak Attack!

Here’s my “before baby gets here” list… take 3:

  1. Wash out carseat, bunting bag and matching hat.  Bag up together with mirror for the car.
  2. Set up bassinet in our bedroom, layout some diapers and other essentials.
  3. Prep diapers, covers and nursing pads.
  4. Wash swing.
  5. Wash baby wraps, find somewhere to store them and the sling.
  6. Make room in our closet/dresser for baby clothes
  7. Clean up Kitten’s closet.
  8. Clean out Diaper Champ and get ready for use.
  9. Organize Kitten’s toys – put some away.
  10. Eat as much out of the freezer & pantry as possible to free up some room.
  11. Make a trip to the eco-station, Goodwill drop off, the used bookstore and the bottle depot.
  12. Pack hospital bag.
  13. Wash and put away 4 oz. bottles.
  14. Wash and lanolize new baby woolies (pants, sleep sacks, etc.).
  15. Find breast pump, sanitize and store.
  16. Finish Kitten’s Baby Book & First Year Calendar

I had planned on doing very little day, other than cleaning the bathrooms.  I had a nesting Sneak Attack, though, and ended up doing a wee bit more than I had planned.  Oops.  My day, let me tell you it.

8.  Clean out Diaper Champ

I decided to put this in the bathroom where we do the diapers, and get it out of Kitten’s closet.  We don’t plan on changing diapers in her room any time soon, and we put the champ away when we moved to mostly cloth diapers.  Now we’re doing disposibles at night (I can’t handle the ammonia that gets built up in her night time diapers, so it seems like a good solution to us), and we do plan on using disposibles at night with the new baby, so I think that this thing will get a lot more use.  Anyway, it’s in the bathroom and being used, so I would call that cleaned out and ready. 

9.  Organize Kitten’s Toys and Put Some Away

I totally didn’t mean to do this today, but oops!  I decided to try rotating her toys out every two months or so.  After Christmas, she ended up with a butt load of toys.  So many toys that they don’t really all fit in our common living area.  And when she has to clean up, well, it’s overwhelming for all of us – adults included.  So my theory is that it will be easier to keep our space neat and tidy with less stuff, plus she’ll get more play out of her toys because she can find them and she doesn’t have as much variety to chose from.  Of course if she really wants one of the toys that is in storage, I’m more than happy to get it for her.  But I’m not sure she’ll ask.  There are a few things, like her My Little Pony’s, that won’t be cycled out because she plays with them EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  So there is that as well.  I’m planning on doing this with her books as well, but I ran out of steam before I got there this afternoon. 

11.  Make a trip to Goodwill, the Eco-Station, the Bottle Depot and the Used Bookstore

We did this on the weekend.  It was so nice to get a full car load full of junk from our basement out of the house.  We got $25 from bottles (courtesy of getting a return on our milk jugs), and Rob really enjoyed throwing our broken electronics in to the big dumpster bin and watching them smash.  He said that if we had a son, he’d take our son to the Eco-Station for father-son bonding time over smashing electronics.  Ha ha ha…  As you may have noticed, I didn’t cross out the used bookstore because I didn’t get there yet.  But I did get all my books together, and I’m ready to take them in… when I have time.  Our bookstore is great – so I tend to spend a lot of time there perusing the shelves with my new trade-in credit. 

10.  Eat as Much Out of the Freezer and Pantry as Possible

This seems to be a work in progress.  Our freezer is actually fairly empty right now (yay!), but there are a few more things in there that I have plans for.  I do plan on doing to some preemptive cooking for post-baby, and I might even get lazy/splurge and buy a freezer lasagna or two.  I know it’s easy/cheap to do the work myself (and better for us), but I’m not really feeling crazy about cooking right now.  ::shrugs::  My pantry is taking longer to clean out – I have A LOT of surplus stuff in there.  I’m not trying to eat the surplus, but maybe we can finish one type of rice so we don’t have three boxes open, you know?  That kind of stuff.  Also, the random sweet potato needs to be eaten, I’m just saying. 

16.  Finish Kitten’s Baby Book and First Year Calendar

I added this to the list, because it would be really nice to close these two up.  Truthfully, Kitten still doesn’t have all her teeth, so I’ll still need to record those top two year old molars when they come in.  However, I have been awfully neglectful on printing all the pictures that I want to go in both the book and the calendar.  Most, if not all, of the journelling has been done.  It’s just a matter of selecting the pictures, printing them off and sticking them in.  ::sigh:: Nothing hard about this, but it never seems to get done.   I have very slowly started the Belly Bean’s baby book – just the easy prelim stuff.  I’m not working too hard at it, because I don’t want to have two books on the go (hers and Kitten’s), but I don’t want to leave it until I’m exhausted with a baby as well.  And I don’t want to be making things up a year later because I can’t remember all the names we had considered for her or whatever. 

As for my regular house stuff… I had planned on cleaning the bathrooms today, which was a huge success.  In my chore planner, this week had “wash the shower curtains” as one of my tasks, and I was thinking “how hard can that be?”  Ugh.  Taking them down wasn’t a huge trial.  Putting them in the washing machine (I’m only washing the fabric part, the plastic part can be done a different day) was easy peasy.  Hanging them back up is really going to bust my butt, though!  Rob said he’d help me hang them up when he gets home, so that’s good… but I didn’t realize how tiring standing with your arms above your head can get!  Ha ha!  Oh well – at least they’re nice and fresh and I don’t have to do them again for another 6 months or more (is that reasonable?  Should I be washing them more often? How often do you wash your shower curtains?).