Things to do

Here’s my “before baby gets here” list:

  1. Wash out carseat, bunting bag and matching hat.  Bag up together with mirror for the car.
  2. Set up bassinet in our bedroom, layout some diapers and other essentials.
  3. Prep diapers, covers and nursing pads.
  4. Wash swing.
  5. Wash baby wraps, find somewhere to store them and the sling.
  6. Make room in our closet/dresser for baby clothes
  7. Clean up Kitten’s closet.
  8. Clean out Diaper Champ and get ready for use.
  9. Organize Kitten’s toys – put some away.
  10. Eat as much out of the freezer & pantry as possible to free up some room.
  11. Make a trip to the eco-station, Goodwill drop off, the used bookstore and the bottle depot.
  12. Pack hospital bag.
  13. Wash and put away 4 oz. bottles.
  14. Wash and lanolize new baby woolies (pants, sleep sacks, etc.).

The crossed out items are things I have finished.  I’m super anxious to get everything done… but some things just aren’t things you can do up to 6 weeks pre-baby.  There are a few more things that I can definitely do before it’s time, though! 

As you read earlier, I was up with the birds (if there were any here this time of year), and managed to get a few things done.  This afternoon I decided to wash and prep the diapers.  The majority of the cloth diapers we’re planning on using at the beginning with the Belly Bean are prefolds, and because I bought all mine second hand, I don’t actually have to prep them.  At least not in the sense of washing out all the natural oils and such to make them really absorbent.  But I did buy a few new fitteds and those did need to be prepped.  But I’m lazy eco-concious and decided to wash them once right now, and after baby wets them (because she will, and often), they’ll get washed more.  It just means that they won’t be as absorbent as they could be… and I’m ok with that.  At first new babies don’t tend to pee buckets anyway. 

I also chose to wash and prep all my new nursing pads.  I am so excited about my nursing pads.  Last time I used really good disposible ones, and I found that I just didn’t change them as often as I should have because they were expensive *shame*  I know, I’m an awful person.  So this time I bought 7 pairs of super wonderful WATERPROOF nursing pads (not the kind that are just flannel – these have diaper-worthy waterproof layers in them!), and was gifted another set of 7 nursing pads.  I brought them up to wash them, and ended up having to fight Kitten for them!  Ha ha!  She just loved all the round circles and all the bright and pretty colours (what?  Did you think that I bought plain white ones?  Heck no!).  Eventually she stacked them all up and told me that I could wash them, so they went in to the machine as well.  I really can’t wait to use them, it’s going to be awesome. 

Anyway, the point of all of this is to share some pictures!  Yay!  So here you go:

Nursing pads:
Nursing pads

Fresh out of the dryer:
Newborn Diapers!

Folded up:
Newborn Diapers!

So for those of you who really care, here’s what we have for the newborn stage.

  1. 2 Heartland Dreams newborn sized fitted diapers.  I sent my own fabric in for these, and had Tina sew them up.  She did a really fantastic job, and she didn’t charge a ton either.  I knew that I loved HD diapers, we have one for Kitten that I just love to bits.  Nice and absorbent, and they wash up so beautifully.  I’m hoping that the prints on these diapers don’t pill or fade too much over time.
  2. 3 size 1 Banyan Tree fitted diapers.  These are a two-sized system, so hopefully these diapers will fit Belly Bean until she’s a few months old, maybe as far as 6 months?  Depends on how much of a porker she turns out to be, and whether she has a long rise or not.  Anyway, these are super squishy and lovely, but I have to say that they seem a little bit bulky.  I’m not really sure whether we’ll use them right away or not, maybe after baby gets to be closer to 10 pounds or so.  We got the snap-in soaker kind, so they dry faster (and they do dry fast, by the way!).
  3. A variety of covers.  I have 2 extra small Thirsties covers, 4 size 1 Thirsties Duo’s covers (should fit to around 15-18 lbs), and 1 newborn bummis cover.  I really think that I could use more covers, but I keep telling myself that we are going to use wool some of the time, and not *every* diaper will be a poop diaper (if poop gets on the cover, I won’t reuse it between washings, but a pee diaper cover will get a quick rinse and a dry between washings).  I suppose if I feel like I am constantly running out of covers, I will likely just order some more size 1 Duo’s, as we should get the most wear out of them. 
  4. Clean nursing pads, all piled up 🙂
  5. Diapers that I made.  There are 4 fitted newborn diapers, and one newborn pocket diaper.  I have to say, the fitted ones turned out ok, but I really don’t like the pocket.  I’m not sure that we’ll actually use it all that much.  I guess we can give it a try, but I will say that it’s nearly impossible to get your hand in there to stuff the insert in!  The ones made from the watch fabric actually pilled really badly, and don’t look as nice as they did before they were washed 😦
  6. 36 tiny prefolds.  These are newborn prefolds, I guess, smaller than the “infant” sized ones.  I got a lot so we could just toss them in the wash as much as we needed to, and not run out of diapers.  I hear newborns need to be changed a lot? 😉  Anyway, I’m hoping that these will fit for a fair amount of time, a few months, at least.  I find you can get a lot more wear out of prefolds if you don’t pin them (you just lay them in the cover) because they’re not require to overlap as far. 

I also have a few small diapers waiting in the wings for when the babe grows a wee bit, including Yoshi and Princess Peach diapers (yay!).  I do want to purchase a few more diapering items, like a zillion more cloth wipes (we use them for everything – wash cloths in the baths, sticky fingers, diapers, etc.), and another wetbag for storing the dirty diapers in.  I do need to get a bunch of small sized diapers, as that’s the only size we’re missing… Kitten was already in a medium when we started using cloth on her. 

I’m happy this part is done.  Now I just need to find somewhere to put them!