Nesting is Overrated

Do you know what time I woke up this morning?  6 am.  Do you know what time I got out of bed?  7 am.  It’s now 8 am and I am ready for a nap (but can’t, kid will be up by 9 am).  I suppose that I can look at this as a win:  I packed my hospital bag, cleaned out my night stand (I have to move it to put the bassinet up here, plus I want to put baby stuff in it), sorted a bunch of yarn and put it away, and then managed to surf the internet for a while.  I mean, I got one whole thing crossed off my “Do before baby gets here” list (the hospital bag)… so that’s good.  I just wish I could have done it at 9 am vs. 7 am, you know?

This will likely be my lot in life for the next few weeks, as I get ready for baby to show up.  I’m grateful that we’ve been going to bed at a decent time (11 pm), but I’m super annoyed at my inability to stay asleep these days.  ::sigh::

I do have a fair amount of things left to do on my list, but I’m trying not to do them all at once.  I mean, I really don’t need the bassinet set up for 6 weeks before baby gets here.  And I really don’t need to set up the swing right now either.  Nor do I *need* to prep all the diapers (although these can be put away until they’re needed).  But my mind is constantly racing and making lists upon lists… and well, I just need to relax. 

So maybe I should add that to my list of things to do: relax.  Hmmm…


4 thoughts on “Nesting is Overrated

  1. Put ‘relax’ on one of your to do lists. This may encourage you to do it – if only for the satisfaction of then crossing it off your list!

  2. Yes, do relax. Also play with Kitten. One of the things that was hard for me when jumping from one to two, was the fact that I had to divide my time and attention, and will always have to do that to some extent for the rest of my life. That cozy, intimate one on one isn’t quite the same ever again. It changes into something else that is good, and interesting and manageable, but never the same. You’ll be so shocked when baby comes, at how grown up kitten will seem in comparison, at least that’s how I felt.

    Btw, your hospital bag is a just in case bag right? or did your plans change from a home birth to hospital birth?

    • Hospital bag is a just in case. We are still planning on having a homebirth, but the midwife recommends having something packed just in case we go in to labour early, or have to transfer (elective or emergency). No one wants to pack in between contractions 😉

  3. Hang in there! I remember the sleep (or lack thereof) thing.. grrr. It’ll be over soon. In the meantime… maybe you SHOULD come to LMO to fill one of your mornings. OK stopping now. 😉

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