Rainbow Bright!

Here’s a completed knit set I did for the Belly Bean.  It is very bright, but the pastel shirts really highlight the softer colours in the yarn… well, they do in real life – it was hard to capture in a picture! 😉  I’m pretty pleased with this set, actually!

Troy Longies & Hat set

Troy Hat

Troy Longies

I used two different colourways, working from alternate skeins. One is green, blue and yellow, and the other is blue, purple and pink. I think I had enough of the pink colourway to do its own pair of small pants, but decided to mix it up with the green to give it some added interest. Both are on a Cestari style yarn base, which is super thick but not too stretchy/sproingy. It’s my favorite yarn, I think.

Ravelry pages: Pants and Hat


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