Socks Socks, Wonderful Socks!

I finished my latest project… finally! I am slightly annoyed with myself, as I had intended on making these socks about 2″ taller than I did… but I got bored. Perhaps I should work on some top-down socks next time – you have to continue stitching the foot until it fits… can’t convince yourself to end early because then you won’t be able to wear them! Ha ha. Oh well.

I am fairly pleased with how they turned out, although I’ll be interested to see how they fit on the other side of birth. They’re a little snug in the ankle right now, but I’m also mild to moderately swollen on any given day. So we’ll see how it goes. Anyway, I really loved knitting these up. I used Patons Stretch Sock yarn (cotton, wool, elastic and nylon blend) in “Sugar”, and even though others have claimed tensioning issues, I didn’t really have any. I haven’t washed them yet, and so they’re not as soft as they could be, but we’ll see how they wash up.

Bubbles Down the Drain Socks

Bubbles Down the Drain Socks

Bubbles Down the Drain Socks

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2 thoughts on “Socks Socks, Wonderful Socks!

  1. Love the socks! They look so comfy and pretty. And the shorter length means you can wear them into the summer season longer… they won’t be as hot.

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