Mostly Annoyed

And here is why:  I have had two knitting projects in the last week become giant fails. 

First, I tried to do up a pair of scrappies for the Belly Bean.  A few months ago, a friend gifted me a huge box of yarn odds and ends.  Yay!  I love making scrappies (ie. garments made out of scraps of yarn).  Usually, I don’t care if they yarns match or not, and I’m just happy to add willy nilly and knit away.  Not so, this time.  I don’t know – I just don’t love the darker colours I used in this pair of scrappies.  Perhaps if the dark sections had been smaller, I would like them better… but as it stands, I think I’m going to rip them out.  Belly Bean has quite a few pairs of pants already, and I have some other yarn that I’m dying to knit into uber cute longies for her, so I think that I’ll frog these ones and try again later, maybe with a different combination of yarns.

Scrappy Longies

The other fail:  I really love this yarn – a whole skein of it showed up in the random yarn bin from my friend.  It’s beautiful!  It’s full of rainbows and light!  It’s soft as a cloud!  Buuuuuut… it’s not pooling like I had hoped.  As Carolyn pointed out, every square has a rainbow, but I’m kind of worried that I’m going to give someone a seizure if they look at it too long.  I’m not sure that I’d wear it, being so crazy.  I prefer it when my entrelac shows off the yarn, and the yarn shows off the entrelac.  I believe that the two are fighting in this Quant, so I’m frogging it as well.  I know I’ll find something glorious and delicious to knit this yarn in to… I just don’t think this quant is it.

Crazy Quant

Knitting Wins!

Here are my knitting wins… First, a pair of newborn sized longies for the Belly Bean. These turned out so well, and I really love them. I also super love how well they match these new baby shirts. Is this going to be baby’s first outfit? Maybe! I guess you’ll have to wait and see.

Newborn Longies

Newborn Longies

Here’s an obvious win: My sister’s Christmas gift, modeled by her! I wish she had her coordinating scarf on too – that would have been awesome… but I didn’t think of it. Anyway, I think she loves them. At least, that’s what I’m guessing by the happy look on her face and the fact that the next day, she was trying to line them (durn wool allergy can even pick up small amounts of wool! Boo!).

My Sis

Here’s half a win… Look, it’s a completed sock!  Yay!  I really enjoyed doing these socks, but I broke a DPN right near the end of finishing this sock.  I’m ultra annoyed because now I have to buy a full package of new needles (a set of 5) when I really only need one.  **grumble grumble** But I can’t work on the second sock until I replace the needle that I need.  ::sigh:: So it’s off to Michael’s with me today. 

Completed Sock

Actually, it’s ok – I’m going to try to pick up a different sized circular needle while I’m there.  I really want to try knitting on some smaller sized cords (instead of magic looping all the time), so maybe my trip will inspire me.  I also want to see if they still have the sock yarn on sale.  I bought some beautiful sock yarn last well… but apparently having the yarn for two pairs of socks laying in wait isn’t enough! LOL! 

So if I buy the sock needles and a shorter circular needles, I’ll have what I need to finish up two outstanding Christmas presents.  I’m trying to keep to a “1 present to 1 item for me/us” ratio in my knitting so I don’t get burned out, but I don’t get too behind (on the stuff I’m already behind on… I KNOW!!!), but I am totally itching to do, like, 800 pairs of socks for myself.  I dunno.  I guess this might be the year of the socks? 

Anyway, here’s us in our Christmas Jammies, just for funsies.  It’s funny – we only took one picture, so I’m glad it turned out.  Kitten was so exhausted by Christmas Eve (the night of the jammies/picture), that I’m shocked that she’s not completely melting down in this picture.  We didn’t want to force the issue and have her be a complete beast for any subsequent photos.  So yay for a good one on the first try.

Christmas Eve Jammies


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  1. NICE!! We n.e.v.e.r get a good one on the first shot. Takes about 100… and even then, someone’s eye is usual half-closed. *sigh* I’m usually neurotic enough to make my husband be the one to have a meltdown and then it’s over 😉

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