The Last of the Christmas Fishes

I can’t show you the last of the Christmas Knitting because some of it is for gifts for my family/friends who read this blog… so here are the pictures of the last of the fishes.  I am grateful to be able to take a short gift-knitting break, and do up a teeny pair of baby pants for the belly bean.  I figure if I do one gift, one baby item… and rotate like that, then I’ll get the gifty stuff done soon and won’t have to be knitting the baby things as I’m in labour.  Unless I want to, of course… but you know, I’d prefer to plan to NOT knit during labour. 


Completed fish sets

Set #6

J's fish set

J's Fish hat

J's fish mittens

Kitten’s hat (no mittens for her!)

Kitten's fish hat

Kitten's fish hat

I wasn’t going to do a hat for her any time soon (perhaps in a month or two?), but courtesy of an epic melt down when I was trying to take the first picture (because! Look at all her fish hats! She is going to put them on! They are hers! HERS! All of them!), I conceded and knit one up. I tried to find some lovely yarn for her hat that was similar to the Small Fry hat (ie. a jacquard yarn), but they only had old lady colours, not girlie colours. So I really couldn’t make up my mind after that, and in the end just used up a bunch of acrylic left overs from my scrap bag. Sure, maybe it means that I didn’t spend any money on her hat, but I think it turned out really well, if I can say so.

I would like to tell all the yarn makers out there that maybe they could start doing some different variegated yarns?  I would have paid a lot of money for a jacquard print yarn with white, black and orange (or similar colours)… as that would have made the perfect fish hat.  But no.  Oh well.

Oh, and for your enjoyment:  Here’s a picture of Kitten (and a turtle) singing Jingle Bells at church.  She wouldn’t put the turtle down, and the teacher decided that a turtle on stage would be less of a distraction than a sobbing angry kid.  Very true.  I do have a video of this epic event, however I’m chosing not to put it online – I don’t own the other kids, and wouldn’t appreciate *my* kid’s video online without my permission.  So, if you need to, just imagine a bunch of squeaky 2-4 year old voices singing jingle bells, my kid petting the turtle and then doing all the actions about a second after everyone else, and you’ve captured pretty much the experience.  It was hilarious (and cute!).

Kitten performing at church


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  1. Dude, these little hat/mitten sets are ADORABLE. I’m very impressed with your talents. I’ve knitted one scarf in my life and it took far too long. Now crochet, that I CAN DO!

    Merry Christmas!

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