Pregnancy Stuff

In all my pregnant glory:

28 Weeks

To make this quick (as I have a metric ton of knitting to do), here’s a point form list of pregnancy related things:

Things That Are Good:

  • For the most part, I feel pretty good.  I get tired easily, and have been feeling a wee bit sick to my tummy lately, but it is that time again.
  • My pelvis has significantly improved with chiropractic care.  To be honest, it rarely hurts, unless I’ve been doing something I shouldn’t have (ie. jumping jacks during water aerobics are a NO).  I am very, very happy with it – if I don’t have pain right up to my labour, it means that I don’t have to worry about avoiding certain labour positions, which is VERY yay.
  • Kitten is happy to rub my belly and talk to the baby.  I am happy with this arrangment.
  • My Christmas shopping is completed.  Not all my gifts are finished, but the shopping is done.  I suppose that this is pregnancy related because it means that I don’t have to go elbow people for parking spots any more?  Yes, that’s it.
  • I am enjoying most foods these days, except that I still can’t seem to eat enough veggies.  ::shrugs:: This is the same as last time, so I guess it’s just what tastes good to me when pregnant.
  • My skin is really good (albeit exceptionally dry).  I am super impressed that I am not covered in zits like I was last time.  I don’t know if it’s due to my skin care routine or if it’s just different this time or what, but dude.  Happy to not be zitty.

Things That Suck:

  • My tailbone hurts pretty easily if I sit in bed too long (where I knit).  I guess it’s a good reason to get up and move around, but yeah.  Ouchies.
  • Sitting at a table or the like for very long is now very uncomfortable.  Sadly, baby hasn’t moved “outside” of my ribs yet.  Soon enough this won’t be *that* big of an issue (or if she would just drop and inch or so!), but it’s a wee bit annoying when I have things like Ladies Dessert Evenings to attend… which entail a lot of table-sitting.
  • I am tired again.   I was really enjoying all the energy, but it has left me. 
  • Now that I am obviously pregnant (people are no longer wondering if I am fat or pregnant), people randomly stop me to talk about the baby.  Usually, I have no issue with this.  Frankly, I don’t even have an issue with strangers rubbing my belly.  I usually offer if I think they want to.  Anyway, when I’m in a hurry (like, when I’m Christmas shopping with Rob and Kitten – who do not want to stand around and discuss how I’m carrying, frankly), I feel awful, but I really just want to say “sorry, I’ve got to go, can’t have girl talk with you right now random stranger!”  So the sucking part is that I feel bad for not indulging strangers in random pregnancy talk, but on the other hand, I get kind of annoyed that they want to talk about my personal life.  ::shrugs::  If they would just say congratulations and rub my belly, we could all go about our day! 😉

Things That are Different Than Last Time:

  • Well, I really don’t blog about this pregnancy all that much.  I honestly don’t know if it’s because I am busy, because I’m just not all “OMG!  I AM GESTATING, HERE!” like I was last time, or if it’s just my overall lack of blogging commitment… but I feel kind of bad.  Poor Belly Bean just isn’t getting the screen time she deserves!  Ha ha. 
  • I still seem to be carrying *mostly* in front, instead of all across my midsection and around my sides.
  • I weight less than I did by this point last time.  Mainly because I can’t wear my XL jeans yet (they’re too big).  My bigger shirts fit now, but that’s more about boobs than general weight gain, so that’s kind of a wash in my opinion.  I’m not doing a lot of weighing.  Weighing = obsession = worry = weird things in my brain.  I try not to think about it.
  • I don’t seem to be retaining water… yet.  Somewhere between 28-30 weeks is when I started to bloat up like a giant balloon last time.  I’m trying not to count my chickens before they hatch, but so far so good.
  • Oh the movement!  Last time, Kitten sat in such a way that she likely used the placenta for a punching bag… meaning that I didn’t feel half as much movement as I do this time.  So I’m not sure that this baby moves *more*, but I can certainly FEEL this baby more!  The best is when I have a bath – she dances in such big movements my whole belly tumbles around and I can see her moving across my belly.  She’s not big enough that I can grab an elbow or really poke her as she goes by, but we are getting there.  It’s been very fun to feel all her strong kicks and her swishy hand movements. 

Anyway, that’s kind of where this pregnancy is at.  Otherwise, things are normal normal normal, with nothing weird to report.  I’m grateful for this – weirdness is never goo din situations like this! 🙂


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  1. I was just thinking that you needed to post a prego pic. Sometimes when I’m reading I pull my shirt up so I can watch the baby wander around my tummy.

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