Plenty of Fish in the Sea

If you’re wondering where I have been, the honest truth is 1) hibernating because I’ve reached the anti-social part of my pregnancy (yay, third trimester), and 2) knitting. Christmas will be upon us soon, so I’ve got to get a bunch of stuff done. I know that you’re here for the pictures, so without further ado:

Set #4

S's Fish Set

S's Fish Mittens

S's Fish Hat

I really like how the colours came out in this set. They pooled nicely so I didn’t have to do a lot of alternating or striping to break up the big colour blocks. There does seem to be a brown side and a blue side… but I guess you could say that maybe some fish are like that too? I dunno. Anyway, I’m pretty happy with how this set turned out. If you’re interested, you can view my Ravelry pages for the hat and the mittens (for notes, etc.)

Set #5 – I’m calling this set my Small Fry Fish Set. They’re made for my youngest nephew, and because he’s still fairly wee, I had to alter the pattern quite a bit. In the end, I made my gauge a bit smaller so it would be smaller overall, then I made the hat shorter, so it would really only fold at the very top, rather than trailing down the back of his head. I thought it would be more comfortable for both him and mom (with the carseat business) if it was a bit shorter. Strings were put on the mittens as per the mom’s request.

Small Fry Fish set

Small Fry Fish Mittens

Small Fry Fish Hat

And for scale, I put the hat on a spool of DVD’s. It’s quite loose on the spool (and very stretchy), but just so you can see how wee the hat really is.

Small Fry Fish Hat

You can find my notes and adjustments on the Ravelry pages for the hat and mittens.  I wrote down all the stuff I did differently (shortening the hat, thumbless mittens, etc.) there, so you too can make your own Small Fry Fish set.  Also, I have to give a giant shout out to that yarn.  It’s Bernat Jacquards, and it has worked up so beautifully.  I love how the white and blue bits look like scales, and how the blues and grey striped so nicely on it’s own.  I didn’t have to anything at all to get it to look like that.  I’ve used jacquard yarns for socks before, but never on a larger object, and I have to say that I am LOVING it!  It’s acrylic, which isn’t ideal for all situations, but it is really quite lovely for things like kids hats.  It wasn’t too plasticy feeling, which was really wonderful as well. 

So, due to all this super knitting, I have finished Buffy Season 7 (I can’t decide if the crying was hormonal or not), and I am nearly finished the regular Stargate series (SG-1).  I think I have only 4 or 5 more episodes before I start up Atlantis.  I understand that Atlantis and SG-1 actually overlap, but couldn’t be bothered to watch them that way.  Once I’m done Atlantis, I’ll probably try to get all the re-runs of Stargate: Universe (the newest one).  I have been keeping up with the regular shows too, but now that most of those shows are on their winter break… well, not a lot of new stuff is being watched around here.  However, Rob and I do have to catch up on Fringe and Dollhouse (both sitting on our PVR, piling up), and Kitten and I have been catching some of the excellent Christmas Specials that show up around this time of year too.

Can I just say, how exciting is Christmas when you have a kid who really understands what’s going on!  When we drive anywhere, she screams “IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!!” every time she see’s lights, and gets super excited about presents, and has even started talking about Santa a bit (she’s just really been exposed to Santa, for the first time, in the past week or so).  I think we’ve decided to have Santa come and visit and leave us our stockings, but have all the presents be from each other.

Anyway, nose back to the grindstone.  I have two projects that I am suuuuper excited about, but can’t share with you until after Christmas, as they’re for my sister.  She knows what they are, but I want the actual first viewing of them (for her, she reads this site) to be when she opens them.  Hopefully they’ll be done by then, and I won’t have to wrap my kntting needles up! Ha ha.


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  1. Those are all beautiful hats and mitts. Kait — you’ve done an awesome job in such a short time!! Kid are gonna love them!! Love the colors of the yarn!

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