Pictures because I’m fairly lazy.

Here’s one of my favorite outfits that I bought for Kitten.  She’s a little big for it now, so I snapped a picture the other day when she had it on.  I guess it will have to wait until Thing Two can wear it!

Love this outfit

Here’s Kitten dressed up in her Halloween costume.  It’s supposed to be a witch costume (I guess, with the pointy hat), but she loved it in the store, and calls it her “fairy costume”.  So we went with it.  Even now she runs around in her “fairy hat” with her “fairy wand”, declaring that she’s ADORABLE!  Heh.

Kitten in her Costume

Out Trick or Treating with Dad, so you can kind of get a view of the what the rest of the dress looked like.  She looooved trick or treating, although Rob said there were a couple houses that she vocally protested to because they “were scary” and made her “want to cry”.  So they skipped those.  We did have to do some decompressing in the days after, discussing how some decorations were scary, but it was all pretend, and Halloween was done now, so the decorations would be taken down and the houses wouldn’t be scary any more.  I’m grateful that no one tried to do anything terrifying to the kids (or at lease not to my kid), but I can see her point about how some of the decorations could be frightening.  The best pumpkin I saw, though, had the symbol for pi carved in it.  Get it?  Pumpkin Pi (pumpkin pie?) .  Heh.  I laughed.  Out loud.  And no, it wasn’t our pumpkin… Although we really should do something with it – it’s sitting on our counter (we didn’t carve it this year).  Hmmm…

Trick or Treating with Daddy


3 thoughts on “Pictures because I’m fairly lazy.

  1. Haha!! Pumpkin pie!!!! That is hilarious! So clever.
    From this angle, the way Rob’s foot is pointed, it looks GINORMOUS. Just sayin.
    Also, she should declare she’s adorable BECAUSE SHE IS!! hehe

    • Yes, his foot does look huge. I mean, he doesn’t have small feet by any means, but they’re certainly not THAT big! Ha ha!

      And yes, she SHOULD declare that she’s adorable because she is. I think I said it once when she was wearing her hat and after that she ran around saying “I’m adorable, Mommy!” So funny.

  2. Pumpkin Pi… that’s great….

    Best Pumpkin decoration ever: The time my ex-bf and I were walking back from a friends New Years Eve Party, BROKE as crap, and saw a pumpkin that had not been carved, in fact, had been forgotten lying half buried in the ivy at the bottom of someone’s porch. Hunger takes over, and after discovering that it was in fact not rotted, we picked it up and carried it home. After we got back, we stared at each other, like…. “We just committed Grand Theft Gourd”

    I can’t look at a pumpkin the same way again, although that pumpkin was large enough, that after steaming it, we got 7qts of pumpkin frozen in the fridge.

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