I am Mean.

Yesterday morning, Belly Bean didn’t wake up when I did.  I was sad because usually she kicks me a bunch and I can lay there and feel all the good thumps.  So this morning I had a plan.

You see, I use a travel alarm clock.  It’s small, palm sized, runs on batteries and is fairly loud.  So instead of turning it off right away, I shoved it under the covers and on to my belly.  I let it ring for a few seconds then hit snooze (it rings every 4 minutes on snooze).  A few times. 

The end result is this:  Belly Bean hates my alarm clock, but I got all the kicks I wanted this morning.  Hee hee!


2 thoughts on “I am Mean.

  1. Yay for being kicked…. Friends of mine locally referred to thier child as Toast because of a situation similar to that

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