A Small Brag

Grocery Store Savings

The savings includes: things that were on sale, coupons that I used (about $15 was coupons alone), plus the 15% discount that we receive because it’s the first Tuesday of the month.  I’m always excited to see how much we’ve saved, but this one surprised me!  This was my first major shop using as many coupons as possible (and doing some stockpiling of some things – ie. Crest ProHealth Mouthwash was on for about $4 for the 500 ml bottle.  It had a tube of toothpaste that was attached to the bottle.  I had a coupon for $1 off.  So a bottle of mouthwash AND a tube of toothpaste for $3?  Good deal, I say.  I got two for that price). 

We did buy some things that we didn’t need (ie. pop), but it was stuff that we *like* to have, and if it’s reasonably priced (with sales and coupons), I don’t feel too bad about buying it.  The pop in question, worked out to about 25 cents a can.  Of course not everything we bought was on sale, either.  We had to buy some staples, but I think we were pretty fortunate to get some good prices on some good things, and the coupons that I was able to use made it even more worthwhile. 

I’m not done my “grocery tour” for the week, either.  I have a few more items to pick up in other places (ie. Superstore had Sidekicks for 97 cents each, and I have 25 cents off coupons.  We usually buy off label sidekicks, when we get them, but for 72 cents a piece?  I can’t even get the store brand for that price!).  I also like to go through the store I’m in to check and see what vendor coupons they have displayed… and pick the ones I want up to add to my stash! 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Small Brag

  1. My favorite savings moment was shopping grocery outlet and getting $250 worth of groceries for $125. Most of it was generic or off brands, but an onion for a quarter at grocery outlet is the same as an onion for .50 at krogers.

    That is awesome savings though

    • http://www.sidekicks.ca/

      They’re a side dish, usually either pasta style or rice. Basically you boil water & milk, then add the package contents and voila! Creamy pasta dish! 🙂 I’m not sure what you guys would call them down there, but I’m sure you have a similar product. 🙂

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