Knit and Crack

Here’s a pair of pants that I finished yesterday.  They haven’t been washed/blocked yet, so they’re not the BEST ever picture, but I do like how they came out in the end.  These are medium/largish in size, for a client.

Roxy's Goldfishies

In other news:  I saw the new chiropractor today.  I think I just might like this new guy – well, husband/wife team.  I saw the male doctor today, and he seemed like a good enough guy.  We share the same birth day, actually 🙂  Anyway, he was able to get both hips cracked, as well as adjust my pubic bone (he has an instrument that does it, so he doesn’t actually have to touch me there, thank goodness!).  He also wants to see me get in to some sort of low impact activity, like deep water aerobics.  Anyone want to join me? Ha ha.  I go back on Wednesday for another adjustment and to talk about our action plan.  Obviously I can’t be going to him three times a week – we can’t afford to pay out of pocket for that, and our coverage would end very quickly after that!  So I hope that we can agree on a schedule, and only deviate as very necessary.  I also loved that they were so accommodating to Kitten and I.  I wasn’t able to leave her with anyone today, so she accompanied me to the appointment.  The female doctor didn’t have any clients, so she came out to play with Kitten while I was getting adjusted – it was so nice to be able to not have to worry about Kitten touching their computers or leaping off the chiro tables!  Ha ha.  Next time I’m leaving her at home! 

The only sucky part of our visit was that today was the first day of the H1N1 flu vaccine clinics, and sadly there is a clinic located in the same building as the chiro.  Convenient, except for when the entire south end of my city (well, what seemed like, it, anyway) showed up for the vaccines today.  It was absolutely bonkers.  I had to park a block away, and across a very busy street.  This wouldn’t have been an issue at all, if it were just me, but Kitten walks very slowly and there was much craziness going on from everyone trying to park willy nilly in the parking lot and the huge queue of people standing around outside (and inside the building as well!  It was truly shocking to see people line up like that!).  I guess some people are really terrified of the flu?  I mean, we have enough vaccines in Canada for everyone to get one that wants one (my understanding from what I’ve read and what’s being reported), I don’t really understand why everyone was in such a hurry to get one today.

For the record, I am currently on the fence about whether Kitten and I will be vaccinated.  For one, I’m leary of the newness of the vaccine, and I typically deny all vaccines during pregnancy.  The issue is that H1N1 seems more dangerous for pregnant women than the “regular” flu, so I’m nervous about not getting the vaccine.  Especially because tamiflu (if that’s even available here – I don’t know) is a C level drug and NOT something I’d be comfortable with.  Hmmm… I wonder what level the vaccine would come in as, I can’t seem to find the name of the H1N1 drug to look up online.  Probably at level C, as there isn’t any ethical way to test on pregnant women.  Rob will be getting both flu shots this year, he usually gets the regular one anyway. 

Anyway, that’s what’s new.  Well, kind of new, anyway.  I pulled out all my baby stuff the other day and took pictures of it (minus Mom’s most recent additions!), so I should really get those up! 😀


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  1. I LOVED water aerobics when I was preggo with Almond. I got lucky in that I was in college at the time, and a lot of the girls in my class were all preggo, so no feeling self conscious that I was too frakking huge to fit into a bathing suit…

    • I wish I knew that the people in my class would be pregnant! Ha ha. I am going to ask one of my friend’s if she’d like to come with me, then it won’t be so awkward, you know?

      • Completely understandable. I just went for it, didn’t know ANYONE until the first day, and then in the whole “ice breaker” get to know you thing was when we learned that like half the class was preggo.

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