I Have Things To Tell You…

First, and most importantly I am sure, we had our ultrasound today.  I am sorry to report that I have no pictures for you.  Perhaps I will draw on on Kitten’s Color Explosion pad an call it an ultrasound picture… because that will be about the same effect you would have had by being there will us.  This baby, if nothing else, has some sort of personality.  First, the baby was so incredibly active that the technician couldn’t get a clear picture – Bean ran from that ultrasound wand like nothing else.  Second, Bean laid face down, towards my back most of the time, so we got no profile or face shot.  We could have purchased a picture of the back of the baby (which included a very impressive spine, a bum and the blob of a head)… but why bother?  I was more than willing to spend the money to SEE what my baby looked like, but no.  And my technician wasn’t all that friendly, so that kind of decreased the fun factor for me too. 

Here’s a friendly lesson for everyone who is pregnant or will ever be pregnant:  If you don’t drink enough water long enough before hand, your technician will not be too pleased, and will threaten to use the internal wand on you.  Where does it go, internally?  You do the math, ladies.  They don’t call it the dildo-cam for nothing!  I was fortunate that my bladder started to fill by the time she was done, and she could get the shot she needed, otherwise I would have been in trouble!  Seriously, it’s better to have to feel like you’re going to pee all over the bed than possibly NOT have enough in your bladder.

I must say, my feelings (AND MY MOTHER!  HA HA HA!) were wrong.  I am not growing a mini-Rob.  We’re having another girl!  We are both super thrilled, and Kitten is very excited to have a sister.  Well, at least we think she is – she wanders around the house saying “A sister!  I’m so happy!”  Heh.  We’ll see what she says about that when she’s 14 and her 11 year old sister won’t leave her alone! 🙂

This baby is very excited to meet her sister, though.  Every time Kitten starts to speak near me, the baby wakes up a freaks out!  I like to think that she’s excited to hear Kitten’s voice, but I suppose that it’s possible that she’s just trying to fight with her already! 😉  It’s pretty cute, though.  I’m not sure if it’s just Kitten’s height/proximity to the belly, or if it’s her higher voice (that somehow is easier to hear for the baby?) or what… but yes.  Much movement when Kitten is around! 

The baby wants you to send us all your fresh and tasty pears.  Also: apple juice.  And good chocolate, but not the cheap halloween crap that’s out right now.  And possibly cheesies, but that’s all.  My love for all things creamy has all but disappeared, and isn’t actually replaced with a sweet craving – just pears.  I’m not sure why, but it’s all I know.

In other news:  You all can avoid buying Uggs or fake Uggs this year.  I bought some, so OBVIOUSLY the fad is over.  I actually bought them because I wanted warmer boots for winter that I could just jam my feet in to and not have to worry about whether I’m all swollen or not.  I bought them a half size(ish) too big, so here’s for hoping.  If I swell up like a giant balloon, there is no hope, but a little bit of swelling will be fine.  If you’re curious, they’re brown, they’re just above my ankles (not quite mid-calf, but not the lowest ones either), and I got them at Walmart for $25.  I really wanted the black ones, but they didn’t have any in my size.  Oh well.

Last thought… I took pictures of all the stuff I had started to stockpile for the baby.  I will upload those for you soon.  I think I have some new knitting pictures too, but we’ll see when I get those up as well.  Currently, I have a couple of commissions that I’m working on, so if I’m not sleeping during nap time or the evening, I’m knitting.  So don’t hate me too much 😉


2 thoughts on “I Have Things To Tell You…

  1. I had to comment! We too are expecting and whenever our 6 year old is anywhere near my belly, little girly in there does the hokey pokey dance! She can’t wait to mean her brother and he is the only one she dances for! Not even for daddy! Makes you wonder if they can tell that someone else will be on their level!

    Good luck!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Bummer the ultrasound didn’t work out so well. I too have a VERY active baby. At the 12 week ultrasound he/she looked like a fish. Flopped around, wouldn’t quit moving so the poor lady could get measurements. Finally it appeared, and felt like, she trapped him by practically shoving that wand through my stomach! We find out on Friday, November 13th! I hope that’s good luck and not bad luck! I am shocked at the movement I can feel already, started at 16 weeks. I’ve been saying I must have another soccer player, or athlete anyway. Just like little man here. I also may have said something about Daddy having supercharged swimmers or something! haha Congrats again!!!! Kitten will be a good big sister! I love that the baby responds to her!! How fun 🙂

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