Elvis the Pelvis

So one of the reasons I haven’t been all post happy in the past few weeks is because I have been in varying degrees of pain.  From mildly annoying to “where is my epidural?”  So instead of coming here to complain, I’ve been complaining to people on the phone.  Sorry about that. 

Yesterday, I think I figured out why I hurt so much.  What started as lower back pain (which I expected) has moved around to my hips, into my groin and down my inner thighs (no, I have not been working out).  I have been suffering with it for about two weeks now, not really knowing WHY I hurt, and why I hurt in those places – I had back pain with Kitten, but not like this.  Well, I get those “hey, this is your pregnancy this week, and this is what the baby is doing this week” emails, and one had a link to an article on Symphysis Pubis Disfunction… which is just a fancy set of words for “dude, you have too much hormones in your body, and your pelvis spread apart a tiny bit too much”.  Apparently the symptoms are pain in the groin, inner thighs, front of the pelvis, lower back and hips.  Hey, I have all of those.  I haven’t seen the midwife yet this month, so this is all self-diagnosis, but I do plan on asking the ultrasound tech if she could take a few extra shots of my pelvis and send those along to the midwife as well.

From what I can read online, they recommend rest, keeping your knees together as much as possible (heh), and some people think that the chiro/accupuncture/physio route can help to relieve pain.  I’m planning on doing all of those things.  Apparently sleeping on my side seems to garner me the least amount of pain… but also the least amount of sleep (woe is me). 

So think of me, next time you’re standing around, stepping in to your pants, for I can’t do that any more.  I am officially old, and I have to sit down to put on my pants because it otherwise just hurts too darn much.  And if you’re sitting on the floor cross-legged?  I’m officially jealous – just another thing I can’t do right now.


3 thoughts on “Elvis the Pelvis

  1. umm, ouch! I will be praying for you. I hope the ciro/accupuncture etc. work out. Are there any pain killers that you can take that help at all? Yeesh, not fun at all!!

  2. I had this with my last too. It is extremely painful, especially towards the end. So much that I couldn’t sleep more than an hour or two at a time and had to start taking Tylenol 3’s to get through the day. Good news? The pain goes away quickly after you deliver. At 3 weeks PP, I still can’t button my jeans because my hips are spread so far apart but the pain is almost gone. Almost.

    • Thanks Jen. I’m hoping that it will ease up near the end, but I know that it’s unlikely. Some days I feel fine, and then others I feel like absolute crap. Not much to be done about that, I guess! 🙂 Glad that you’re feeling better, now that your little man is here!

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