Help Me Decide!

I’m thinking about getting some yarn for the new baby.  I need some help deciding which colours to go with.  These will be worked up into various pants, soakers and sleep sacks.  I’m receiving this yarn as payment for knitting services, so I’m not going without food or anything (Barb!).

Here are the colours:


Hounds of Annwn

Dragon’s Lair

Bean Sidhe


Most of the colours are fairly masculine or gender neutral.  I will have to make this decision before we find out the gender, so I figured I’d be more likely to put “boy” colours on a girl than the reverse.  Plus, it’s nice to not have to use pink all the time! Ha ha!

I’ll be getting more than one colour, I think, depending on how much knitting I end up doing (which will determine how much payment I get!).  So vote in the poll, and I’ll pick the top ones (probably!).


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