I really haven’t been knitting much in the last little while.  I don’t think I’ve had the inspiration.  I have also been lazy, and distracted by video games.  But now that there is TV to watch again, I am knitting again. 

So remember that lace stole I was working on before?  Still working on it.  I totally screwed up a row and now there is lace where there shouldn’t be lace… but I’m not ripping it out because that sounds like less fun than child birth.  So I am going to accept that there is a major weird row and call it a day.  I’ve picked it up on ocassion, but it’s just not grabbing my attention right now.

Most recently, I finished a pair of scrappie longies.  For those of you not in the know (which is most of you, because I know that the majority of my readers aren’t part of the cloth diapering community), longies are wool pants that are usually used over cloth diapers as a cover.  Wool is magical and prevents leaks.  Well, not really, but the lanolin in the wool really does help.  Anywhoodle, scrappies are items that are made from scraps.  Sounds logical, right?  It is… in theory.  It’s actually kind of insane to make.  If any of you decide to do scrappies, here are my tips:

  1. Make sure all your yarn is the same weight and works up at the same gauge.  The only exception to this is if you can double knit some yarn to get the same weight/gauge as the rest of the yarn.  Then that would be ok to use.  Otherwise, it will just be a giant PITA.  Seriously.
  2. Knit your ends in as you go.  If you weight to weave in all your ends after the knitting is done, you will spend nearly as much time sewing in the ends as you did knitting.  Believe me.  I tried felting a couple of joins, but it made me nervous, and because these aren’t for me, I worried that they would fall apart over time.  But that is also an option if you are super confident in your end-felting abilities. 
  3. Pay attention to how many rows of each colour you’re doing in the legs.  This applies to all striped legs, but it’s definitely worth mentioning.
  4. Don’t change the yarn in the same spot every time.  It will create a very visual line that is easy to see.  If you stagger the colour changes, it’s not quite so obvious.

Here’s my finished product.  I was so happy to have these sell even before I finished knitting them.  I was worried that people wouldn’t like them, but I guess that was unfounded. FYI, the legs are actually even, they just don’t look like it in the picture. The fault is in the photography, not the knitting.

Finished Pants

Finished pants



  1. I’m feeling good these days, albeit tired from lack fo sleep.  My back is very sore and I’m worried about what the rest of my pregnancy will be like with this back issue, but I’m trying not to be too focused on it.
  2. This bean has moved from “swishing” around my belly to actually poking me on purpose.  This baby is strong already, and I am afeared of the next 4 or so months!  No visible movement on the outside, but it is a little early for that.  And I’m a little fat.
  3. On Friday night, I decided to go to the local mall.  I am supposed to be walking for half an hour a day (for my back), plus I wanted to look at a few things.  I was gone for about an hour, an hour and a half.  Rob called me as I was driving home, because Kitten just randomly started crying, and wouldn’t stop.  She was keening with her mouth closed, and refused food, her soother, and most other things that she would otherwise want, except Tylenol (which she asked for, and received).  I didn’t know what to tell him, and I was on my way home, so there was nothing to be done.  When I got home, she had settled down and was eating some yogurt.  When I went to brush her teeth that night, there was a large, open, raw spot behind her 1 year old molar.  I tried to feel it, and I couldn’t feel a tooth underneath, but chalked her strange behaviour up to teething.  Well, tonight I noticed that I could feel a tiny hard spot back there – it is a 2 year molar coming in!  I’m shocked – she just got her canines, and these ones are only 2 months late (vs. the rest of the teeth, which have been 6 months+ late)!  I’m hoping that the other three don’t give her too much trouble.  And I’m aware that this tooth is not “in” and therefore could still hurt her A LOT in the next while.
  4. Kitten has a cold.  I thought that the runny nose was from teeth, but she’s kind of goobery today, and was really stuffy last night.  We’re keeping her home this week to err on the side of caution.  I’m sad to not be able to take her to swimming lessons tomorrow morning (there are only a few more weeks), but I don’t want to get anyone else sick, nor do I want her to pick anything else up while she’s not feeling fantastic.  We’ll see on Thursday how she’s doing as to whether we’ll be able to go to Ladies Morning Out or not. 
  5. I pulled out the cloth diapers for Kitten again.  We were using Pull Ups in hopes that it would speed up the potty training process, but the sad fact is that she’s just not interested/ready, and we can’t afford to buy them every month.  On the plus side, I get to wash the diapers in my fancy new washing machine, so yay for that.  We’re sticking with prefolds and pockets for her, so hopefully she’ll decide she wants her princess pants again and to use the potty.   The pull ups really weren’t all that easy for her to get on and off herself any way, so it’s not any different for her to pull down a cloth diaper, or have me help her.  It’s my sincere hope that she’ll be offended at being treated like a baby and that it will be motivation enough for her to learn to use the toilet.  We’ll see, though.  Oh, I had all her cloth diapers in storage and proof enough that my old machine didn’t work very well – the bag smelled faintly of urine when I opened it.  Awesome, only not at all.  I am so so so glad that I’m not washing diapers in that machine any more.
  6. I should do a post on all the items that I’ve aquired for the new baby.  There is some serious cute stuff in there.  Seriously. 

8 thoughts on “Scrappies

  1. a) You went to the mall for exercise? Oh Kait you need to move out here, so that we can go for real walks. I even have trees.

    b) I am jealous of your unseen baby gear. I so far have one onesie and the mobile….it’s a good thing I have a few months left here…

    • It’s not so much that I went to the mall for exercise, but that I decided to walk while I was there? I don’t know. It’s been cold and windy here, which are my two least favorite weather conditions. I would love to move there and go on real walks. We did go for a nice walk on Wed. evening. It was 33 C out, but when you would get to the tree stands in the park, there was this cool, wonderful breeze that came off the trees. Lovely.

      My unseen baby gear has mostly been gifts, then diapers I have been sewing, or things I have knit for the new baby. So nothing too spectacular, but it has it’s own bin. That’s kind of exciting, I guess.

  2. Yes do, please do, post the pretty baby stuff. I love looking at baby gear.
    Re: the pull up thing. I stopped using pull ups for that exact reason. They were no easier than regular diapers to pull up and down, and they actually leaked worse at night. Cloth diapers will probably be better in the long run because she will be able to feel when she’s wet. When I put D into cloth training pants that is when progress started for us. I wouldn’t say D was fully trained (daytime) until about 7 or even 8 months after we started. It takes some serious time and effort that’s for sure, don’t believe the books that tell you it will happen in a day or a week or even a month! Good luck with PTing though.
    Take care, I hope your cold passes very quickly.

    • Good to know about the potty training. I wish there was a magic formula that worked every time for every child. :sigh:

      I will put up the baby stuff soon! 😀

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