Kitten’s View

People ask me a lot how Kitten has reacted to the news of the new baby.  The truthful answer is probably that she doesn’t think about it all that often.  And her idea of what that means probably changes a lot as well.

In the beginning, it meant that she couldn’t dig her toes in my belly when we cuddled.  It meant that she couldn’t climb up on my lap without help (I was so sensitive that a stray 2 year old elbow could bring me to tears).  It meant that mommy laid around on the couch a lot, but that she got to eat crackers with mommy.

Lately, Kitten seem to understand that there is something Important Going On in my belly region.  If I ask her where mom’s baby is, she’ll lift up my shirt to see if she can see the baby in my belly.  She also knows that if she presses on my belly button, I will yelp (yep, still sensitive).  She’ll even answer you if you ask her if she wants a sister or a brother (her answer is always sister, but she has no idea what that means).

I know that she knows what babies are.  She knows what it means in realtion to other families, but I don’t think she can fathom what our family will be like with another baby around.  How could she?  Even I can’t imagine what it will be like.  Regardless, she is interested in babies and is interested in our baby.

In fact, not too long ago, I was sitting on the stairs with my knees a bit apart.  Kitten came right up to me, shoved her head in my crotch and yelled “HI BABY!!!”  Yep, she gets it.


One thought on “Kitten’s View

  1. The thing that amazed me so much was how old D seemed the minute I introduced him to M. The contrast between a toddler and an infant is mind blowing! Something that I didn’t notice when he was around other infants. D’s independence and abilities only became stark in comparison to M’s complete dependence and inability.

    Glad you & Kitten are doing well.


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