Dontcha Wish Your Girlfriend was Hot Like Me?

This super hot picture is brought to you by...

The worst thing about being pregnant, is getting anything you cook on your belly. I usually wear a full piece apron (you know, the kind that ties around your neck and waist), but this day I just felt like using the apron that Hanna made me. So I tied it up super high, and felt SUPER hot. Except by super hot, I mean ridiculous.

So, welcome to my giant belly at 15 weeks.

Hanna, the picture behind me is one of the few pieces of art in our home. I mentioned this one to you the other day, thought I’d point it out (yes, I’m standing in my bathroom taking this picture).


2 thoughts on “Dontcha Wish Your Girlfriend was Hot Like Me?

  1. Hawt! I love the belly AND the apron (good work Hanna!).

    By the way, your scrappy longies are awesome. The colours all work really well together.

    • Aw, thanks. I’m really worried that they’re going to look like heck and the lady who’s buying them won’t want them. I guess I’m a wee bit insecure about them, my first time doing scrappy’s and all.

      Did you get your Clinique stuff? I want to know what you got. Call me. Or email me to tell me, which ever.

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