Sunday School Picnic

Last spring, we decided to start attending a more local church, which happens to be MUCH larger than any other church we’ve attended before. Like, has 3 services on Sundays (2 English, 1 Mandarin), big. We attended fairly sporadically in the summer (we were seduced by the sunshine and farmers markets… and sometimes, just sleep), but have been making and effort to get back in to the swing of things as their fall programming starts up.

Today was the kick-off Sunday. The usually have one service in the summer, as people attend less during this season, so why run two (English – the Mandarin service always runs) half full services instead of one full one? Today was the last single service and it was SO BUSY! I worked in the nursery and it was NUTS. I am looking forward to the dual service again, where we’ll only have a half dozen or so babies instead of 18. ::sigh::

The best thing about today was that they had a barbeque after! We were told that they supplied the meat & buns and that we should bring our own snacks and drink. So I packed up our mini cooler this morning, and we went to church. Rob didn’t have that great of a time wrangling Kitten in the service until her class started, and well, I was super busy bouncing crying sleepy babies in the nursery. But after, we got to wait in a huge long line for lunch. I was SO SURPRISED when I saw tables and tables of burgers/hot dogs and salads and fruit and all sorts of interesting snacks and desserts! I didn’t have to pack up food at all!

We did have a few lunch-related incidents. We ate outside on the grass… which was fine, except that Kitten is a very finicky eater at the best of times. She’ll eat half of her meal then declare “I no want it” or “I no like it”, even though she’s already eaten most of it. So, it was busy and crazy and she just wasn’t interested in eating… which was fine. I also managed to squirt mustard all over her sweater sleeve (gah) and drip some on my jeans (double gah – I just washed these on Friday night… with no way to wash them until after Tuesday… did I mention that I only have one pair of jeans? Yeah). But we survived.

It was hot out, and Kitten was pretty tired, but we stayed for a little bit to enjoy some of the festivities. The balloon animal guy made Kitten cry (but what else is new)… but that was very quickly forgotten when we visited the petting zoo (seriously, they had a petting zoo at the sunday school picnic! The benefits of a large church!). Kitten LOVED petting the sheep and the goats. She also loved the tiny bunnies and guinea pigs, but wanted NOTHING to do with the ducks and chickens. I, however, looooved the chickens. They had all sorts of funny fancy ones, and the ducks kept splashing us from their little buckets that they were wading in. They also had a small cow-ish type animal, but it was in a “time-out” because it knocked a kid over (probably around 4 or 5 years old… the kid, not the cow).

We didn’t stay to participate in the bounce house, nor to watch the Sumo-suit fights, or the gladiator bounce house/fights. We were tired and hot and decided to go home.

I’m definitely enjoying attending church here, although it will be nice to get to sit in the service without being distracted by Kitten. Now that she’s in the 2’s & 3’s class, she’s MUCH happier to go to church than she ever was in the nursery. This morning she declared “I love church” as we were getting ready to go! Ha ha! It cracked me up. I am going to be in the nursery every month or so, but that’s not too bad. I feel bad that Rob’s sitting by himself for those days, but hopefully he won’t be too lonely. I suppose that over time we’ll make friends and maybe on my nursery days he can sit with our friends? We’ll see, I guess.

I’m also hoping that we’ll get to meet more people who we’ll have more in common with. Sadly, it seems like all the moms stand around and talk to each other while the dad’s run off with the kids – which is awkward for Rob because then he doesn’t really get to meet any of them, you know? They’re already off with the kids, so they’re not even around when we see them. ::sigh:: I’m sure that these are just “new church” things that will get worked out (and as we get used to being in a big church, instead of a small one).

Now I’m super tired, and thinking about laying down on the couch for the remainder of Kitten’s nap.


3 thoughts on “Sunday School Picnic

  1. How awesome that you found a church home! As much as I love worshiping with Khaila and our family, I especially love when she goes downstairs after the children’s sermon. It’s nearly impossible to concentrate with a spirited toddler in tow!

    • Yeah, it’s VERY hard to focus on anything – singing or listening to the sermon when Kitten is with us. For the summer, the kids stay until after the singing, but during the school year, they have their own singing service and then sunday school. It’s much more simple for us to drop her off before we’re in the service, and I think she likes it better that way too.

  2. Hey Kait,
    I bet if you call the church office they could let you know of some young family events. Usually big churches have stuff like that. It may require a baby sitter, but it is a nice way to get to know some of the other moms & dads in your church. It is a process though. We are still working at getting to know people in our church, and we’ve been part of Mill Creek/Grace Point since we got married. The 3 years we were in Rocky caused us to really fall out of the loop socially. I’m finding that it is ok though. I don’t need as many people in my social circle now as I did when we were first married. And people are always welcoming and friendly to us. There are still sundays though, that I wish we were more at home. I guess that is a decision I have to make in my own mind, because I know that people know who we are, I know we are missed if we don’t show… I guess for me, it’s just not the same as attending the church I grew up in, and it is a lot more mental work to feel at home. I’ll probably enjoy church more when we have a home we can invite people over to afterward or during the week. That is something I always liked to do in Rocky. For now we just try to go out for lunch with people, even though most people with kids the same age as ours cringe at the idea of a sit down restaurant. All this to say, it will get better with time.

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