I know most people don’t care, but I get a new washer and dryer tomorrow! They are going to be red and sparkly (ok not really), and I puffy pink heart them already. I cannot wait. I am as giddy as a small girl before Christmas.

I got the weekend’s flyers in the mail today, and low and behold! They had a sale on the set we just purchased, so we went back tonight and got a bit of a refund. Then I realized that they didn’t refund us the full amount they should have, so then we got MORE of a refund! Yay! So with our refund (that came by way of a gift certificate, which was FINE by us), we bough new cordless phones for at home (our were disconnecting when the battery died, or when you tried to use speaker phone), and a cell phone. I am very excited to have a cell again – it makes leaving the Kidlet in someone’s care much easier, as they have the peace of mind that they’ll be able to find us. And now I can be assured that if I break down on the side of the road, my big pregnant self (along with my toddler) are not at the mercy of a stranger who may or may not stop to allow us to use their phone (and then I’d have to remember the numbers to call… which I don’t). So I am relieved to have it. But it’s pay-as-you-go, so sadly that means very little chit-chat while I’m out & about, and even more sadly? No texting. ::sigh:: I know, it’s a travesty. Oh well.

But, did I mention Christmas? Tomorrow? I know. I’ll take pictures. I can’t wait.


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