Oh, Hello Second Trimester! I Remember You!

Remember a week or two ago, and I was all “hey, at least my skin is clear, right?”  Well, the baby must have heard me ::twitch::  I guess you could say that I am actually in my second trimester – overnight my face has broken out so bad and I am cranky about it.

Granted, when I walk by, people aren’t weeping and saying “My god, what is that THING!” (cookies for everyone who know what movie that’s from).  But it will get there. 

Any recommendations?  I have tried the Oil Cleansing Method, which worked fine before I was pregnant, but is a bit of a hassle now and isn’t really helping with the pimples these days (obviously).  Bonus points if you can find me something without parabens.  I have tried the Norwex face cloths, but sadly we use all of ours for cleaning up Kitten after she’s eaten and my washing machine doesn’t seem to be able to clean them effectively.  So I have to boil them every week, and I don’t want to have to add ANOTHER cloth to that mess.  It might become an option once I get a new machine… but I don’t know when that will be.  Hopefully some time in September (seriously, this washing machine business should be it’s own post.  Gah.). 

Please, save my skin.  I’m willing to try (almost) anything.


4 thoughts on “Oh, Hello Second Trimester! I Remember You!

    • Ooh! Thanks, I’ll look in to them!

      I like things like disposable pads (in this case, not in general!), especially if I don’t have to use water with them. I’m kind of lazy!

      Hope things are going well for you 😉

    • Hi Nadia! 🙂

      Yes, Princess Bride for sure – enjoy your cookies! 😉

      I did pick up the Aveda Outer Peace cleanser and lotion (didn’t like the feel of the acne pads). I don’t *love* the lotion, but it’s good enough for now! 🙂 I’m not sure if I’ll buy it again once it runs out.

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