Carolyn’s Been Bugging Me

So, because she’s so annoying diligent (love you!), here’s some pictures for you.

12 weeks, 5 days.

And because I’m a total goober:

Can I take a serious picture?

In other pregnancy related news:

  • I have no idea how much weight I’ve gained! Woot! Mostly, because I’m not paying attention, and you know? I’m ok with that.
  • I am mostly feeling good. In fact, when I took my iron pill, I didn’t immediately feeling like barfing. This is good news! It’s been the bane of my existance for about 12 weeks now.
  • I do have baby movement. It’s pretty slight, but I get the odd kick, and mostly I get fluttery movements. I’m good with that… I don’t need any one bruising my innards quite yet.
  • I am mostly in want of deviled eggs and pastry (in case you missed my last post before Teh Hacking of 2009). I could eat deviled eggs all day, every day. Yuuuuuum. If you come to my house, I’d bring pastries with you. Just sayin.
  • My cold is pretty much gone! This isn’t very pregnancy related, although it was way worse than it needed to be, courtesy of not being able to take anything for it.
  • I see the midwife again on September 1. Yay. I get to hear the heartbeat again, and hopefully they’ll do more talking this time, because I have bumkiss for questions. Unless Mom’s coming (which you still can!), then she might have questions, and that’s cool too. I think I have a question or two that the interwebs don’t want to hear about… so I’m sparing you.
  • I am strangely looking forward to birth this time. Last pregnancy, I kind of blocked it out until the last trimester. This time I think about it, I try to imagine it in my head, and I’m not too afraid of it. Maybe that’s because my child is about the size of a plum/large lime… but you know, details.

In other non-pregnancy related news:

  • Kitten starts swimming lessons in 2 weeks. We’re very excited. These are still parent attended classes, which means that I have to wear a bathing suit… but I figure that on Monday mornings at 10 am, it’s going to be mainly other mothers, and if they judge me on my bathing suit/belly… well, they can suck rocks. When I booked Kitten’s lessons, she heard Rob & I talking about swimming, and started yelling “bathing suit! Bathing suit!” and ran to the front door, trying to open the door. Um, do you think my kid likes the pool?
  • I am slightly bummed that I can’t have personal templates on this version of wordpress. But maybe that’s because I’m blind. Regardless, it is sucky. Not that I have always had super stellar layouts anyway, or really unique ones. I guess I just hate limits. But do yo know what I do love? Free. Yep, that’s right, I love free.
  • For those of you in the know, our air conditioner is still not fixed. We’re waiting to hear back from our guy, but dude. It’s been over a month since it broke down. One would think that he would be able to get the parts and get out here. I guess he’s really busy with his day job… but it kind of grates my cheese a little bit. I’m super duper happy that we got a good deal on our unit and such, but if it’s not working at all… it seems like it’s a waste of money right now.
  • We’re thinking about replacing our washing machine. We have white bedding. Over the past 4 years, it’s been slowly turning yellow. My pillow cases were a yellowy tan colour – in no way could you classify them as white. I’ve tried everything in my washing maching – bleaching them, washing them with a small amount of dish detergent (to get the oils out), washing them with super strong Tide, washing them with extra gentle no residue detergent… nothing. So I decided to take them to my moms, do a cycle with the sanitize/extra wash/extra rinse. Guess what colour they are now? They’re white again. So while I would love to go to mom’s once a week to do laundry, I don’t think that she wants to foot the bill for the 7 or so loads we do a week around here. We’re looking at this machine. Just the washer, not the laundry pair (our dryer works fine). I can’t decide if I want it in red or silver (our other machine will be white, and it’s not available in white). I’m leaning towards red because the silver isn’t going to match anyway, so why not get the pretty colour? What would you pick

Anywhoodle. That’s enough blogging for tonight! I have some SG-1 or Buffy to watch!